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Charlotte Thomas-Lines


Charlotte Thomas-Lines is one of our talented Sales Executives at Flagmakers. She's responsible for a number of our key accounts and dealing with new enquiries.

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Beach Flags with a Twist

Flagmakers was recently contacted by Blue, an artist from Barbados, now working in London, he had an interesting and unusual challenge for us. We were excited to accept and eager to find out more!

Beach flags are extremely familiar to Flagmakers and they can prove vital in keeping us all safe whilst enjoying a day at the beach. However, the flags are generally a little unexciting and are bland block colours for ease of use.

What about Wales?!

The Scottish referendum is just weeks away, but how would it impact more widely on the UK?

The loss of Scotland from the UK may totally transform the way the world sees us. By some the UK could already be labelled as having to have too much power proportionate to its current size, with our heavy involvement in NATO, EU, Commonwealth and strong American relations. Could Scotland leaving create a more wide scale global shake up, and create new opportunities for BRIC countries?

Ever heard of the Flag of Cuzco?

There are some notable examples of duplicate flags throughout the world, usually created purely by accident.

One lesser-known example of this is the Flag of Cuzco, Peru. The design will be familiar to virtually everyone, though you would be forgiven for thinking that it is the flag of the LGBT movement.

Fifth Green Flag awarded to Cuddington Primary School

Cuddington Primary School, based in Chester, have received their fifth Green Flag following their assessment last September.

The Eco Committee at the school was made up of staff, parents, and children, and were commended on their time and effort in raising the standard of environmental education.