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Kirstie Hawes


Kirstie Hawes is the Sales Manager here at Flagmakers, and brings an experience and enthusiasm that keeps the sales coming in and our office a great place to work!

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Kim leaves for 5 month Sabbatical

It was a day of mixed emotions in the Flagmakers Office this past Friday as the Sales Team Leader, Kim Cockram, said farewell to go on a 5 month long sabbatical. Kim is going to be touring India as a teacher of mixed Martial arts for the next 2 months and then backpacking around other areas of India for the final 3 months.

Flagmakers at its Highest

Flagmakers recently manufactured a Royal Engineers Flag for an event which saw it climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The Royal Engineers division provides military engineering and technical support to the British Armed Forces. The challenge for this division of the British Army was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Which is some challenge considering the […]

Churchill Feature Film Flags

The year will see the release of a feature film of the life of Sir Winston Churchill titled “Without Victory There is No Survival”. Flagmakers were selected to supply a collection of flags to be used at various stages throughout the film. We supplied four flags two Unions, a ceremonial hand sewn Union and finally […]

Belstaff Store New Bond Street

Flagmakers have been busy on New Bond Street lately supplying Dior with flags for their flagship store and now supplying a pair of new flags for the Belstaff boutique. The beautiful flagship store is based at 135-137 New Bond Street. The building was erected in 1876 and is grade II listed. The store began life […]

Perfect Flag Protocol

We would like to send a little well done the Retford Oaks Academy in Nottinghamshire. The school not only has 5 beautifully maintained flagpoles outside they are also flying the flags to the correct protocols. Easy though this may seem, it is often not followed correctly. The key here is that the order of the […]

New Zealand Add Fifth Flag Design

The New Zealanders have spoken, and following a short but popular campaign, have successfully managed to add the “Red Peak” flag to their new flag options. This addition as resulted in lawmakers having to amend the rules to add this design to its four original finalists. New Zealand’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of adding […]

Magna Carta 800th Anniversary

The Magna Carta has become a landmark in history and its implications and legacy still stand strong in modern ideals. The document has broken barriers in languages and cultures in the past 800 years. The key idea of freedom and justice has become part of the genetic structure of humankind.

Primary School’s Union Jack Flag

Primary School New Flag

Flagmakers have recently provided a new sewn Union Jack flag to Burwell Village College Primary in Cambridgeshire. The primary school’s Union Jack Flag has replaced a rather tatty looking flag which was flying outside the school previously.

Royal British Legion Conference 2015

Flagmakers are very pleased to finally be announcing that we will again be confirmed attendees of the Royal British Legion Conference 2015. The event is now just a few weeks away, with the dates for the dairy been the 16th and 17th of May. This year’s specialist conference is to be held at the beautiful […]

Colours Role in Creating the Perfect Flag


Here at Flagmakers we work with the Flag Institute to ensure you get any flag in its perfect form. Meaning we check from their specification the shape, size, design and Pantone colour. Our graphics team pride themselves on bringing you beautiful flags in the exact colour intended… this can be much more challenging than you’d […]