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Paul Noble


Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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BBC Six Nations Blunder – Italy and Bulgaria Flags

Rugby Six Nations-Flag Blunder BBC

BBC bosses were feeling rather pleases with their clever Game of Thrones spoof intro until things started to unravel. Somehow the flag of Bulgaria featured next to Stadio Olimpico NOT the flag of Italy you would expect. One Italian newspaper (La Repubblica) shamed the BBC’s Six Nations Video writing “they must have been trying so […]

New: How to Sewn Flag Guides

Video Guide - Making the Union Jack

We are pleased to announce our new videos are ready! You can now gain an insight into how we manufacture our sewn flags here at Flagmakers. Trust us there is much more to it than a rectangle of fabric!

Royal Marine Association Marquee


Flagmakers recently created a beautiful marquee for a client at the Royal Marine Association. The Royal Marine Association marquee is to be at the associations Taunton base. This will be used at local events and features a large widely recognised symbol on 3 of its walls. Making it the perfect choice for the Royal Marine Associations purpose.

Union Flag on Driving Licence Controversy

The Union Jack will now be appearing all new driving licences. The change is been deemed as providing road users with a symbolic sign of their national identity. The change will apply to motorists in England, Scotland and Wales and the Union flag will now appear alongside the EU flag on UK driving licences. The […]

George Tutill Regalia Antique Discovery


Tutill made many items similar to this, often labelled regalia. The small but ornate designs were often attached to Tutill’s work as a mark of his work and of quality. Much like modern Hallmarks used on money for example. The decorative and perfectionist style of Tutill’s work meant these pieces were often very detailed and well-crafted fitting with the rest of the banner.

Falkland Island Union Flags

Falkland Island Union Flag

Flagmaker’s spotted in the Falkland Islands! We are proud to be manufacturers of the Falkland Island Union Flags. Photographed just this week in horrid weather conditions, only to be expected in the middle of November on the Falklands.

New Exmoor Flag Unveiled


The Flag world has been excitedly waiting for the unveiling of the new Exmoor Flag. The flag was created to coincide with the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Exmoor National Park – Exmoor is now the only are encompassing a national park with its own flag!

PoleLED Exclusive to Flagmakers


Flagmakers is excited to announce we have exclusivity of a very exciting new Flagpole product. PoleLED is all about displaying your flag, day or night in its best light. Flagmakers are an exclusive UK reseller of the product until January 2015. Flags are wonderful for catching the eye with their height and constant movement but […]

Red Ensign Enters Rolex Swan Cup


A recent client approached Flagmakers as a supplier of the specialist Red Ensign flag. Mr Jennings has since sent us a few photos from his latest adventures. Mr Jennings and his team, including two Swedish and an Italian sailor, recently departed on their competitive sailing journey. The team are to race in the 18th Edition […]

Wales: No Change to Union Flag


Wales only polls have suggested that the majority of Welsh people aren’t too concerned with their lack of representation in the flag. “During the Scottish referendum campaign there was discussion over what should happen to the union jack flag if Scotland decided to leave the United Kingdom. The flag includes the Scottish Saltire element of the blue background and white cross but it has no Welsh representation.”