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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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New Zealand Post Referendum Jitters


We are still a Union of Countries and we still have our Union Jack, but not everyone is happy. News is flying around regarding the New Zealand Prime Ministers appeal to remove the Union Jack from their flag following all the unrest. This may have been anticipated following all the instability. However, what would New […]

Post Referendum Analysis and the Union Jack

All the drama has unfolded and we are a little bit relieved to say our beloved Union Flag will definitely be staying as it is for now! Following a media frenzy and a stream of radio appearances by Flagmakers. There have been many trials and tribulations and eventually the vote has not impacted our flag […]

Antique Royal British Legion Flag

RBL 90 Year Old

The full history of the standard is not entirely known and we could not trace it. However, this beautiful Royal British Legion Flag Standard in 90 years old. A customer very kindly brought the flag in to show us impressed with the longevity the flag had displayed. Sadly we could not discover who had made […]

Lights Out – WWI Commemoration

The centenary of the start of the event saw thousands of people join the “lights out campaign”. This meant spending the evening with candle light alone to see, as a mark of respect for the incredible sacrifice and trauma so many solider and civilians would have felt.

The day although met with great sorrow and sadness caused many to come out and raise flags and poppy wreaths as a mark of respect and the national pride these men displayed. Events also included a presentation of all the flags of countries involved throughout these horrific years.

Commemoration Events Continue

We received this most exquisite image from a recent client Ms Elaine Bray. Ms Bray required the striking Parade Union Jack to really showcase the beautiful yet saddening village war memorial. The War Memorial is a key feature in the little quaint village of Buriton. As we can see the memorial is highly regarded and widely respected, with the immaculately presented wreaths surrounding it.

It is wonderful for us to see one of our flags which we put such passion into, been put to its true usage and we thank Ms Bray for her efforts in making this a reality.

Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games

Over the next 10 days, 4,500 athletes from over 70 nations will compete in 17 sports in the hope that a year’s tough training will bring them a medal win. More than 1 million fans are expected to cheer on the athletes inside the 13 official venues with many more watching around the world.

Of course the big question we were asking was, which flags will we see and how many?

Using and Maintaining your Flagpole in 3 Easy Steps

Here at Flagmakers we are passionate about looking after your new or upgraded flagpole installation. We are here to advise and guide you in caring for the requirements of the pole including safety and maintenance concerns.

On installing a flagpole we fit a couple of small advisory stickers. These are designed to make future maintenance easier and help guide you through any issues you may have.

Case Study: Manchester Museum Flagpole Removal and Installation

Here at Flagmakers no challenge is too big, small or precarious for that matter. The recent removal and installation of a flagpole at the Manchester Museum proved quite a challenge. The job involved removing the heavy timber pole currently in place and mounting a new replacement pole the following week, all completed at around 20m above the street.

The job involved various obstacles to consider, a key element been safety. The Museum is situated on a busy road surrounded by university buildings. This meant closing the road for up to 4 hours on the elected Sunday mornings to try and minimise disruption to the public. Over this period the road went to a singular lane and measures had to taken to ensure pedestrians could safely pass, with access monitored via the usual pavement.

Standards on Display for the Royal British Legion Annual Conference

The sun shone brightly to welcome the delegates to the Royal British Legion (RBL) Annual Conference 2014, in Torquay. The Conference which, combines both the formal business of the Legion with the opportunity for the organisation to meet, socialise and perform the ceremonial rituals of remembrance.

Our company has been attending the conference for many years, historically through our sister company Porters and most recently exhibiting as Flagmakers. Delegates arrive from branches across the UK and further afield. This year we were delighted to meet visitors from branches in Germany, Spain and there was a particularly large delegation which, had travelled across the water from Northern Ireland, of which more later…

Flagmakers flags used for new Twin Atlantic album cover

Since their formation in 2007, Glasgow originated rock band Twin Atlantic have been taking the UK music scene by storm, growing from strength to strength with two albums already released (Vivarium and Free) and a large number of live gigs and supporting performances under their belt.

On April 23rd, the band announced their third studio album Great Divide, with an August 2014 release date, though one of the album’s songs Heart and Soul had already been premiered on BBC Radio 1 nearly a month beforehand.