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Banner Installation


We’re not just flags you know! We blogged about some new fabric tension banners a few weeks ago and had to add a few extra details the House of Illustration have since discussed.

The old-fashioned building presented some unique problems but needed something to brighten up the beautiful entrance area… it is the House of Illustration after all. There were a few key factors we needed to consider in the manufacture an installation of these banners.

The first been the building is a listed building so the chosen system needed to be removable and temporary. The frames for the banners needed to be totally secure and almost flush to the wall. Easy? It’s made even more challenging as the banners need to be changed occasionally to promote the next big exhibition.

We were pleased to say the whole process ran beautifully smoothly and were delighted when the galleries Director, Colin McKenzie, wrote to us. Colin’s kind words are below:

We are delighted with all that you have done for us; it was brilliant being able to talk through with Chris (Flagmakers engineer) exactly what we wanted, and what the limitations were because of the nature of the building.

The straightforward and practical securing and tensioning system you created for us will ensure that replacing banners can be handled easily in house. And the visibility that the banners give us already makes a significant difference to our profile.  And it has been a real pleasure dealing with every single member of the Flagmakers’ team.

We are hopeful we will be first in-line to assist the magnificent gallery in future projects and banner change ahead of the next big illustrative exhibition. It is fantastic for us to be involved with such an innovative project and we wish the gallery the best of luck in their ventures.

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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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