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How to Create the Perfect Artwork

When you’re new to the large format printing world we appreciate it can be tough to get artwork perfect. That’s why we do our best to outline what we need from you so we can quickly move your order forward to the printers.

What are we looking for?Pantone

A print ready artwork file – meaning a file consisting of images embedded and outline only fonts.

How do I get the best colour match?

If you are seeking the perfect match we require Pantone colour references. These references allow our design studio to match the colour for the material it is to be printed onto.

Is CYMK artwork ok?

Short answer yes… Long answer is it’s not ideal. CYMK is ok to use if you don’t require exact matches on your colours. To put it simply we all see colour slightly differently one person’s interpretation of Rose red is different to another’s. The artwork team will match colours as best they can but this is not a fool proof approach so Pantone is advisable.

Next problem… What file type do I need?

We can work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Acrobat. File format wise we can work with all of the following: .ai .eps .pdf .psd .tif .jpg

A few extra handy tips we’d like to add:

If you’re in Illustrator, embed images and make fonts into outlines also be sure to check overprint is turned off!

Whereas in Photoshop we are looking for files under 2GB but with a resolution of at least 300dpi at a quarter size.

Indesign is easy the best thing to do here is export the artwork to a high resolution PDF.

When working with Acrobat and PDF’s remember set to “High Quality Print” and make sure there is no compression on the designs.

Finally good luck – It sounds complex but once you’re in the swing of things it’s a doddle!

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Written by...

Kim Cockram

Kim joined us in early 2014 her can-do approach helps keep the sales team motivated. Kim’s has extensive customer service experience and the best possible service for clients is her main aim.

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