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Congratulations to Marathon Des Sables Runners

The Marathon des Sables is said to be the world’s toughest footrace. It is essentially 6 days and 254km worth of adventure in the Moroccan desert. I am very pleased to announce that my Son Tom has successfully completed the event and has returned home safe and sound, if not a little battered and bruised.

I am immensely proud of Tom and his co-runners super human efforts, many of us couldn’t manage this challenge in normal conditions without the searing heat and limited water stations. Although Tom is recovering at the moment his efforts have been totally worthwhile raising over £7000 (and rising) for his charity, Hope for Children (HOPE).

HOPE is a UK based charity which works towards a world where children will all have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Working to identify and encourage children from disadvantaged communities. The charities long term aim involves empowering the children in these areas to enable them to build a secure and sustainable future for them, their children and the community.

The 6 days racing in 120 degree heat across the Sahara has got to be the toughest out there, HOPE wished the 11 of their runners the best of luck and commented upon the challenge ahead. The Marathon des Sables “requires both mental and physical stamina of the highest order but is an experience our team will never forget!”

I couldn’t help myself, and had to be at the finish line to see him complete. The lovely team at Flagmakers had prepped a couple of Union Jacks for me to take along as well as the large banner of Tom and Co. to help celebrate his achievements.

Myself and the rest of the Flagmakers team send congratulations and were relieved to see him complete safe and sound. Who knows what his next crazy event might be! If you would like to support Tom and HOPE please click here, Tom is near to his target now, let’s help him get there.

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Jonathan Bramah

Jonathan acquired Flagmakers in 2009 and has overseen its successful transition from a traditional flag maker to the diverse and vibrant business that it is today.

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