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Stop Brexit Campaigners – Making themselves seen and heard

Love it or loathe it, Brexit will be here for some time and will continue to dominate our news on an almost daily basis. Those who voted to leave the European Union at the 2016 referendum, can simply sit back and watch the chaos unfold as we do just that. But for many of those who voted to stay, there remains a glimmer of hope that Brexit could yet be stopped and that it will all just have been a bad dream.

A handful of determined lobbyists are to be found outside the Houses of Parliament aiming to make themselves heard and to gain support for their cause. They wear the flags which represent the United Kingdom and the European Union and ensure they are of equal size and are flown at equal heights. Along with the clearly visible demonstration are their regular shouts, urging MPs to stop Brexit. The protesters believe that it’s not too late and that it’s not right for the country.

A BBC article last November about the protesters mentions that one of them says they have had a positive response from passers-by as well as MPs and members of the House of Lords, one of whom giving him £20 to get a drink. He added that he spent it on flags!

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John Nickson

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