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USA Flag for Opening Night of “Here Lies Love”

We were delighted to produce this large flag for the Dorfman Theatre’s new performance ‘Here Lies Love’. A performance about Imelda Marcos, the widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. The aim to create a USA flag which fits exactly the back wall of the stage, the flag is then used during in the performance to display the action of the play moving to the USA.

We got very excited about this as this will be the first performance in the beautifully redeveloped Dorfman Theatre (previously the Cottesloe Theatre). The theatre has undergone huge refurbishment works to upgrade stage equipment, foyer spaces and give additional seating. The improvements mean an extra 27,000 people will be able to see the often sell out shows each year.

The need for the USA flag to dominate the stage presents some different challenges. The USA flag is an enormous 5.8m by 3.1m and will become a centre backdrop in the show. Manufactured from our Decotex fabric and single-sided on the material, also requiring a 10cm sleeve along the top of the flag for a baton to hoist.

The Decotex fabric is a firm favourite here at Flagmakers, it is highly versatile and one of our easier fabrics to work with. The fabric is used for many of our flags due to its relatively lightweight at 220g/m2 (±3 %) and its durability in all conditions.

USA Flag in ColourWash XL

The flag is pictured progressing through our ColourWash system, this is used to ensure any dirt, residual ink or fabric coating are removed from the finished USA flag. The machine dips the fabric in water, scrubs it, passes it over a suction bar to remove water and then rolls the material onto a heater which irons and dries the fabric. This process is really to go the extra mile with our products and ensure a stunning finish!

We would like to wish all at the theatre the best of luck on opening night and hope the theatre continues to be bigger and better than ever. Flagmakers would like to thank the national theatre for this unusual and exciting project.

For more on our Decotex material read here. Also for more on the ColourWash XL we use regularly in production see here.

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