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Australia House – 100 years on The Strand

Flagmakers were recently commissioned to make a special flag for Australia House. The mission is celebrating its presence in London for 100 years, from 1918 – 2018 and the commemorative flag we produced hangs proudly outside their building on the Strand along with a neat row of six Australian flags.

Australia House is the longest continually occupied foreign mission in London, officially opened on 3 August 1918 by King George V. The building was designed by a Scottish firm, A Marshal Mackenzie and Son, having won an architectural competition. The judges clearly made a wise decision and agreed that the building would be ‘a lasting monument to the importance of the Commonwealth’.

Australia was one of the original members of the British Commonwealth, along with the UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the Irish Free State and Newfoundland. It adopted the statute in 1942.


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