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Gabon Flag

Gabon Flag

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Our Gabon flags are made in the traditional 2:1 ratio used for National flags in the UK so this flag will match others of the same size if you are flying several flags together. We use a MOD grade Knitted Polyester which has been tested for its durability and suitability for production of flags.

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Our flags are manufactured to the highest standards. We offer flags in a choice of two materials, Hand Made National Flags, and Digitally Printed National Flags


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History of the Gabon Flag

Where in the world?
The Gabonese flag is an unusual proportion and only shares it with Papua New Guinea and San Marino.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 9th August 1960
Proportion 3:4
Design A green, yellow and blue horizontal tricolour.
PMS Blue: 285c Green: 335 Yellow: 109
Brief History

In 1839 France agreed to be a protectorate of Gabon and in 1910 became one of the five territories of the federation of French Equatorial Africa under the blue-white-red vertical tricolour.

When Gabon first flag was adopted prior to independence in 1959. It featured a green and blue band separated by a thinner yellow band and the French tricolour in the top left hand corner. The green colour is said to represent the forest, the yellow is the equator and blue represents the Atlantic Ocean.

Shortly after independence from France was granted in 1960 the flag was altered, the yellow band became equal side of the green and blue and the French tricolour was removed.

The Coat of Arms of Gabon

The Coat of Arms of Gabon was introduced on the 15th July 1963. The design features a shield split into two with a boat on the sea on the lower portion and a three gold disks on a green background in the top portion.  Behind it is an Okoumé tree and two black panthers at the side. Above the shield is the motto “WE SHALL GO FORWARD UNITED” and below is “UNITY, WORK, JUSTICE”.

The Standard of the President of Gabon

The Standard of the President of Gabon was adopted in 1990 and is the national green-yellow-blue tricolour flag with the Coat of Arms of Gabon at the centre.

The original Presidential Standard was adopted in 1960 and featured a square field with the design that features in the shield of the Coat of Arms of Gabon. A boat on the sea on the lower portion and a three gold disks on a green background in the top portion.

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