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Kazakhstan Flag

Kazakhstan Flag

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Kazakhstan Flag

History of the Kazakhstan Flag

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History of the Kazakhstan Flag

Where in the world?
When the modern flag was adopted it featured a red ornament but this was soon changed to gold.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 4th June 1992
Proportion 1:2
Dimensions A sky blue flag with a 32 rayed golden sun and steppe eagle at its centre with golden ornamental “Koshkar-muiz” on the left hand side.
Colours PMS – Blue: 3125 U, Yellow: 102 U
CMYK – Blue: 83% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 21% Yellow, 0% Black; Yellow: 0% Cyan, 0% Magenta
95% Yellow, 0% Black
Brief History

The earliest known flag is that of the Kazakh State of 1456 to 1847. When Russian immigrants started settling into the country by their thousands many Kazakhs began clashing with them. This led the Soviet Union to invade and take it as part of the Russian Empire in 1822. During this time the Kazakh state was ruled under the white-blue-red tricolour Flag of the Russian Empire.

The White army took control in 1917 and creating the Alash Autonomy. During this time the flag was changed to a red field with a crescent and five-pointed star facing to the right. They gave over control of the Kazakh state to the Soviets in 1920. Eventually in 1936, after two name changes, the Soviet forces would call the state The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and choose a new red flag with lower blue horizontal line with a gold hammer and sickle and five pointed star. This flag would remain until the end of the Soviet Empire in 1991.

Kazakhstan was the last Soviet Republic to be declared Independent and Shaken Niyazbekov designed its new flag.

The light blue colour of the flag was chosen to represent endless sky, a symbol of ethnic unity. The sun represented life, energy, wealth and plenitude. The eagle was used to show freedom and flight for the future.  The ornamental pattern represents the horns of the ram, a national traditional pattern.

The Emblems of Kazakhstan

The Emblem of Kazakhstan features the sky blue and gold colours of the Flag of Kazakhstan.

It is an image of Shanyrak, the symbol of peace and family. The circular shape represents eternity and features the upper part of a yurt with two winged horses on top.

Five pointed star and golden sunrays also feature. The word Kazakh is written at the bottom.

The Coat of Arms of the Kazakh Armed Forces is a two-tone red five-pointed star with gold outline. In front of the star is the sun and eagle from the Flag of Kazakhstan.  The Kazakh Air Force roundel is a simplified version of the Coat of Arms.

The Governmental Flags of Kazakhstan

The presidential Standard of Kazakhstan is similar to the Flag of Kazakhstan but the eagle and sun are replaced with the Emblem of Kazakhstan.

It is used in all ceremonies that feature the President and is flown in his office and on his vehicles.

The standard of the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan is Bicolour of sky blue and white.

It features the Sun and Eagle of the Republics flag and a simplified red five-pointed star that feature on the Coat of Arms of the Kazakh Army.

The Governmental Ensign of Kazahstan is very similar to the Border service Ensign of Kazakhstan.

It features a dark blue field with the Ensign of the Kazakh Naval force in the top left hand corner.

The flag of the Kazakhstan Customs Bureau is a sky blue and green horizontal bicolour.

In the centre is a white circle with eight-pointed Islamic gold star. Inscribed on the top and bottom is Customs in English and the Kazakh language.

The Military Flags of Kazakhstan

The Naval Ensign of the Kazakh Navel Force is a horizontal bicolour white and sky blue flag with the sun and Eagle of the republic flag in the centre.

On the top right hand side it features an anchor under the red five-pointed star representing the Coat of Arms of the Kazakh Army.

The Naval Jack of the Kazakh Naval Force is a square white flag with blue border.

Inside is a gold sun and Eagle surrounded by a white box with gold border.

The flag of the Kazakh Border Service is a green field with central vertical sky blue and gold-bordered stripe.

In the centre of the stripe is the golden sun and eagle. On the top right hand corner is a gold five-pointed star.

The Border service Ensign of Kazakhstan is a green flag with the Naval Ensign of the Kazakh Naval Force in the top right hand side.

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