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Vatican City Flag

Vatican City Flag

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Our digitally printed Vatican flags are made to a high quality, durable knitted polyester. Produced to the Flag Institute approved design, by us here in the UK. Each flag is hand finished with a double sewn hem for durability, and a headband, rope and toggle suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole.


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Our flags are manufactured to the highest standards. We offer flags in a choice of two materials, Hand Made National Flags, and Digitally Printed National Flags


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History of the Vatican City Flag

Where in the world?
The flag is modelled on the earlier flags of the Papal States.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 7th June 1929
Proportion 1:1
Design A gold and white vertical bicolour with the Vatican City coat of arms in the centre right.
Colours CMYK – Yellow: 2% Cyan, 7% Magenta, 99% Yellow; Red: 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow; Grey: 19% Cyan, 15% Magenta, 16% Yellow.
Brief History

The flag of Vatican City was originally adopted in 1929 when it became an independent state as part of the Lateran treaty signed between prime minister Benito Mussolini and Pope Pius XI. Prior to this the area that the Vatican was part of the city of Rome and was flew the green, white and red vertical tricolour of the Kingdom of Italy.

The flag used to represent the Vatican City was originally the Merchant’s flag of the Papal States, which was used between 1825 and 1870 by the Holy See. It is a gold-white vertical bicolour with the Vatican City coat of arms in the centre right.

The Coat of Arms of the Vatican State and Holy See

The Coat of Arms of the Vatican State was adopted in 1929 and features a red shield with papal crown, two-crossed grey and gold keys of St. Peter. It has been a holy symbol since the late 14th Century. The only difference between the Coat of Arms of the Vatican State and the Holy See is the reversal of the colours of the keys.

The Flag of The Pontifical Swiss Guard

The current flag of the Pontifical Swiss guard is Papal Guard flag of 1914 features the arms of Pope Francis and Commandant Daniel Anrig.

The Historical Flags of the Papal States

Historically the Pope, who rules over the Vatican, also ruled over Papal States in Italy. Here are examples of the flags of the Papal States.

The Historical Flag of the Papal Naval Ensign

The Papal Naval Ensign features a white field with a small tiara and keys between St. Peter and St. Paul.

The Modern Papal Coat of Arms

Examples of the most recent Papal Coat of Arms.

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