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Good Causes Win As Retired Policeman To Fly The Flag

In an effort to raise money for good causes, a retired policeman is flying the flag for donations. When Jens Hislop and wife Andrea bought their house in Mill Hey, Haworth, a flagpole in the garden was included as part of the fixtures and fittings of the property. The flagpole was used occasionally for ceremonial […]

Policeman Flying The Flag for Charity in Yorkshire

When Jens Hislop and his wife Andrea moved into their home in Yorkshire, there was an unused flagpole in their back garden. On occasion Mr Hislop, a retired policeman, would fly a Union Jack Flag from the pole, however when they became tatty he decided to do something else with the new flag and restored […]

Space Memorabilia for Sale Includes Flags

An auction to sell off items that have been taken on space missions include flags that have been flown on those missions.

Flagmakers Supports Breast Cancer UK

Each day brings something new to the world of the Flagmakers Group and this day was no different. The company was awash with pink feather boas and bright pink wigs and bloomers.

In the spirit of charity we all got together in support of the Breast Cancer UK Organisation. Coordinator Charlotte Hebb – the one sporting the rather fashionable cowboy hat – arranged the decorations and motivated everyone to support this worthwhile cause.