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Red Ensign Enters Rolex Swan Cup


A recent client approached Flagmakers as a supplier of the specialist Red Ensign flag. Mr Jennings has since sent us a few photos from his latest adventures. Mr Jennings and his team, including two Swedish and an Italian sailor, recently departed on their competitive sailing journey. The team are to race in the 18th Edition […]

USA Flag for Opening Night of “Here Lies Love”

USA Flag ColourWash XL

We were delighted to produce this large flag for the Dorfman Theatre’s new performance ‘Here Lies Love’. A performance about Imelda Marcos, the widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. The aim to create a USA flag which fits exactly the back wall of the stage, the flag is then used during in the performance […]

Beach Flags with a Twist

Flagmakers was recently contacted by Blue, an artist from Barbados, now working in London, he had an interesting and unusual challenge for us. We were excited to accept and eager to find out more!

Beach flags are extremely familiar to Flagmakers and they can prove vital in keeping us all safe whilst enjoying a day at the beach. However, the flags are generally a little unexciting and are bland block colours for ease of use.

Commemoration Events Continue

We received this most exquisite image from a recent client Ms Elaine Bray. Ms Bray required the striking Parade Union Jack to really showcase the beautiful yet saddening village war memorial. The War Memorial is a key feature in the little quaint village of Buriton. As we can see the memorial is highly regarded and widely respected, with the immaculately presented wreaths surrounding it.

It is wonderful for us to see one of our flags which we put such passion into, been put to its true usage and we thank Ms Bray for her efforts in making this a reality.

Flagmakers stars in Edge of Tomorrow… sort of…

It’s not often our flags make it onto the big screen! However today we are delighted to say that we have produced a series of national flags to be flown in the upcoming summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Flagmakers in order from historic Oriental Club

The Oriental Club has a well-established past, tracing its roots from Major General Sir John Malcolm creating the Club in 1824, for “Noblemen and gentlemen associated with the administration of our Eastern empire, or who have travelled or resided in Asia, at St. Helena, in Egypt, at the Cape of Good Hope, the Mauritius, or at Constantinople”.

Since then, the Oriental Club continues to be an exclusive club of distinction based in London, and boasts an impressive array of art and literature held within its library.

Flagmakers supports PACE Charity on latest fundraising event

PACE is an Aylesbury-based charity that helps provide essential support to children with motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy. The group was first established in 1990 in converted farm buildings, and since then has been growing in strength and support, up to today where it operates across four sites and works with over 100 children.

Rated as “Outstanding” by OFTED’s 1012 report, PACE has been instrumental in improving the lives of many children and their families across the country, both in their charity work and with their independent special school, catering for children with motor disorders.

Kent proudly flies Flagmakers Flags on St George’s Day

The Streets of Gravesend were reportedly “awash with a sea of white and red flags to mark all that is great about England on St George’s day”, and we’re proud to say that the large Union flags and St. George’s flags which were hanging above the streets were flags we produced here in Chesham.

All in all the event was a huge success, and we’re thrilled with the incredible turnout and patriotic feeling that always accompanies St George’s Day.

Flagmakers in rush order for Russian peace talks

With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the Crimea, and diplomatic talks between the US and Russia reaching a critical juncture, everyone is watching the latest talks with the U.S.’ Secretary of State John Kerry as he meets with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the US embassy in London.

While there is very little any of us can do to help aid the peace process, Flagmakers were able to provide some (albeit relatively minor) assistance today with a rush order for some Russian flags for the embassy’s main conference room.