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English Counties

Councillors Campaign For Return Of Flag At Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris councillors are hoping that Beaumaris Castle will soon be able to fly the national flag from the walls of the castle. Due to health and safety concerns five years ago, heritage organisation, Cadw, said that the existing flagpole and flag had to be taken down. In an effort to reinstate the castle’s flagpole and […]

Pub Flagpole Refusal Baffles Sussex Village

An application for a flagpole to be situated outside The Chequers Inn at Maresfield has been refused by Wealden District Council. Despite having the support of local residents, the parish council, Maresfield Conservation Society and English Heritage, the planning officers at Wealden District Council did not give approval for the erection of a flagpole at […]

Trader Champions Need For Return Of Town Flag To Morecambe

Thanks to the determination of a local trader in Morecambe, the town hall could see the return of the town flag to the seaside resort. Philip Modica, a café owner in the town, says that apart from special occasions, the flagpole outside the town hall is unused. So resolute is Mr. Modica in his quest […]

Police Force Under Fire for Flying Gay Rights Flag

A police force in Suffolk has been criticised for flying a gay rights flag, despite not being allowed to fly any national banners from their headquarters.

Council Rejects Rainbow Flag Flying Request

A Nottinghamshire councillor has issued a request to fly rainbow flags from council buildings in his local authority to celebrate gay pride.

English flag painted over by pub landlord

With the World Cup in full swing earlier this year, a Norfolk pub landlord decided in the heat of the competition to paint a large Union Jack on the side of his pub. Reluctantly now, he’s had to paint over it.

Scrutiny over Government Flag contracts

After a detailed look at the nation’s finances, a range of private contracts have been identified that supply flags to the UK’s state departments and national events that could be cut back.

£110 million Blue Flag plan launched by Yorkshire Water

A five-year £110 million pound clean-up programme has been launched by Yorkshire Water with the aim of achieving the prestigious Blue Flag flying over the beaches along the North Yorkshire coast.

New Nottinghamshire flag to be created

Work has begun by a team of designers to create a new flag for the county of Nottinghamshire. A deadline of the end of the year has been proposed to create three proposed designs for the county. The group of designers and art experts include Michael Faul of the prominent Flag Institute, as well as Alex Farquharson, director of the city art centre Nottingham Contemporary.

Historic event as Wessex flag flown again for first time in nearly 1,000 years

For the first time in nearly 1,000 the flag of Wessex will be flown over England’s ancient capital, Winchester. To commemorate the 1,111th anniversary of the death of King Alfred the Great, four red and gold banners were raised on temporary flagpoles in the town’s Abbey Gardens, representing the number of years passed, 1,111.