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Using and Maintaining your Flagpole in 3 Easy Steps

Here at Flagmakers we are passionate about looking after your new or upgraded flagpole installation. We are here to advise and guide you in caring for the requirements of the pole including safety and maintenance concerns.

On installing a flagpole we fit a couple of small advisory stickers. These are designed to make future maintenance easier and help guide you through any issues you may have.

Case Study: Manchester Museum Flagpole Removal and Installation

Here at Flagmakers no challenge is too big, small or precarious for that matter. The recent removal and installation of a flagpole at the Manchester Museum proved quite a challenge. The job involved removing the heavy timber pole currently in place and mounting a new replacement pole the following week, all completed at around 20m above the street.

The job involved various obstacles to consider, a key element been safety. The Museum is situated on a busy road surrounded by university buildings. This meant closing the road for up to 4 hours on the elected Sunday mornings to try and minimise disruption to the public. Over this period the road went to a singular lane and measures had to taken to ensure pedestrians could safely pass, with access monitored via the usual pavement.

Kings Cross Station Gets New Flags and High Tech Flagpoles

The £550 million pound redevelopment of Kings Cross Station is absolutely stunning. The redevelopment has helped to attract £2.2bn of private investment into a previously largely derelict and disused 67 acre site, which will include 2,000 new homes. They have transformed the ageing station into a modern and vibrant terminal ready and suitable for the […]

Patriotic Aussie stays attached to his flag

There are some very rare trees around the world. In Australia there’s the Bunya Bunya pine tree for instance, which is reputed to release pine cones the size of a human head. We’ve come across an even rarer specimen – the Flagpole Tree. It stands in the front garden of Kevin Lynch’s house in the […]

Winter Flagpole Maintenance from Flagmakers

As the temperature plummets it’s perhaps not the time that you’d be rushing outside to check you flagpole is ready for use. But it’s the ideal time to get your flagpole serviced for the year ahead. Traditionally many people leave their flagpole bare i.e. without a flag on it, through the months of winter. The […]

Special school seeks extra special donations

It’s quite an achievement for any school to gain the accolade of Eco School status, but when it’s a special needs school that wins it, it could be thought of as even more praiseworthy. Teaching assistant, Kevin Wilson, of Sandside Lodge School in Ulverston, certainly thinks so. He’s so proud of the hard work that […]

Britannia lives to rule the waves again

We Brits just adore our heritage. We lovingly renovate medieval castles, we meticulously dig up Roman remains, and we painstakingly restore steam locomotives. When it comes to a famous ship though, we’ve handed the task over to an Italian master ship builder. And the particular part he’s playing in our beloved heritage? He’s purloined the […]

Liverpool gets one of its tallest flagpoles

St George’s Hall in Liverpool is widely regarded as one of the finest neo-classical buildings in the world. Having fallen into disrepair in the 1980s, it was reopened in April 2007 as the result of a £23m award-winning refurbishment project. The powers-that-be decided recently that a giant flag should be erected to celebrate its new […]

Flagmakers hits 500 web orders

We may not quite be one of the internet giants like Amazon or Facebook but Flagmakers hit a very pleasing milestone in our company history today when we took our 500th Online order via our webstore at The site which has only been actively marketed for a few months this year has rapidly become […]

Football fans get fanatical over flags

It’s not unusual to see football fans enthusiastically hoisting their team’s flag on match days and, yes, some of them do want to adorn their bedroom windows with them as well. But for one Yorkshire couple, they’ve gone a stage further – by erecting a flagpole in their front garden – to show the world […]