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Welsh flag to be tweaked to pacify dragon lovers

If you’ve ambled along Tywyn seafront recently, you may well have seen plenty of dolphins and ravens, but a distinct lack of dragons. Tywyn and District Chamber of Tourism and Commerce (CTC) has been accused by locals of ignoring the famous national Welsh symbol with its choice of flags to adorn the well known seaside […]

Stars and Stripes and… Whoops!

As hard as we try at Flagmakers, flags do seem to come in for a lot of stick. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a flag wrapped around itself on a flagpole, till just a fraction of its image is visible (although it’s a relief when it magically unfurls to its former glory with a sudden […]

A flag too far

How do you define ‘excessive flags’? Staffordshire Borough Council seems to have a positive view on this. Something along the lines of: if you’re a business and you erect 41 flagpoles outside your premises, you’ll have to take 38 of them down. That was the dilemma that faced the Stafford-based business of Network Automotives when […]

Vantage flagpoles, what to look for when choosing your pole.

When we look at all the types and variants of flagpoles we offer there are over 1000 combinations of pole, height, base and rigging available so it’s not surprising that it can be a bit of a minefield working out which one is right for you. In this article I’m going to look at the […]

Flags and masts are poles apart

Glasgow’s West End residents are up in arms about proposals to erect a phone mast on one of their listed buildings in a conservation area. A pre-planning application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council for an 18-foot ‘flagpole’ on top of the Viper nightclub, which would conceal four phone masts. Flags would be periodically […]

Iconic British flag for Iconic British Brand

With less than 3 weeks until the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend work is at a frantic pace to get poles and flags installed for clients up and down the land. However when we were approached by our client Sosna Witts workplace design ( to mount a union flag to one of the most famous […]

Up with the Gods

Flagpole jobs don’t get much bigger than this.  Surely one of the most famous churches in the world is Westminster Abbey.  The Flagpole atop the north tower on the western façade of the abbey had become ready for maintenance and required a replacement finial and halyard.    Access to this pole is incredibly difficult and only […]

Scaling the Heights

Our flagpole engineer Dave Parsons came to the rescue when St Mary’s church Putney had a sticky problem with their flagpole.  St Mary’s church sits right by the Thames at Putney Bridge, and has a flagpole on top of the tower. There has been a church on the site since at least the 13th century […]

Where’s the tallest flagpole in Britain?

Here’s a good question recently posed to us by one of our customers Where’s the tallest flagpole in Britain? The straight answer is there is no formal record of tallest poles in the UK.  However for many years the record for the world’s tallest pole was held by a wooden pole at Kew Gardens at […]

Tallest Flagpole Record Broken With Help From Burnley Man

The world record for the world’s tallest flagpole has been broken, and a man from Burnley has played a vital part in achieving the record. Marketing and sales director of monumental flagpole company Trident Support, Warren Felters has been to Dunshabe, the capital of Tajikistan, a Central Asian country where the flagpole that broke the […]