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Sketch Of Black Flag Scott Found At South Pole To Be Displayed

A pencil drawing of the black flag which signalled Captain Scott’s failure to reach the South Pole before Norwegian rival Roald Amundsen, will be displayed as part of an exhibition celebrating great adventurers of Britain. The flag was discovered by Captain Scott’s team when they were only 13 miles from their goal of reaching the […]

Canada Proposes New Law For Displaying Flags

In order to prevent the displaying of the Maple Leaf flag in an improper manner, a new law is proposing to make it illegal to do so. Parliament Hill is to be presented with a Conservative Private Members’ Bill that contains the proposals, and notes “The Canadian flag represents the principles of freedom, democracy, courage […]

Memorial Garden With Flagpoles Accolade For Fallen Heroes

A tribute to fallen heroes is to be constructed as a memorial in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire. The memorial garden will be the focal point for repatriations of armed forces heroes, and will have flagpoles surrounded by ornamental pear trees. Brize Norton’s RAF base will carry on the ceremonial tradition that started in Wootton Bassett at […]

Trader Champions Need For Return Of Town Flag To Morecambe

Thanks to the determination of a local trader in Morecambe, the town hall could see the return of the town flag to the seaside resort. Philip Modica, a café owner in the town, says that apart from special occasions, the flagpole outside the town hall is unused. So resolute is Mr. Modica in his quest […]

Flag-flying Rights Demanded By Iraqi Kurds

Disgruntled Iraqi Kurds in the disputed city of Khanaqin have protested about the city’s government buildings being stripped of the Kurdish flag. Khanaqin has many Kurdish residents that want the city to be affiliated with the Kurdish regional government, and not the central government in Baghdad, which the province of Diyala currently is. The streets […]

British Embassies Ban Flying Of Rainbow Flags

Flying of rainbow-coloured flags in support of local gay pride events has been banned by British embassies across the world. In a confidential instruction issued to all embassies, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) suggested that flying the flag “opens up too many potentially difficult and divisive questions”. The instructions come in the wake of […]

Policeman Flying The Flag for Charity in Yorkshire

When Jens Hislop and his wife Andrea moved into their home in Yorkshire, there was an unused flagpole in their back garden. On occasion Mr Hislop, a retired policeman, would fly a Union Jack Flag from the pole, however when they became tatty he decided to do something else with the new flag and restored […]

Flagmakers become recommended supplier for Australian RSL Corps of Guards

We are proud to announce that we have just become the recommended supplier for the Returned and Services League of Australia Corps of Guards. The RSL is an organisation that supports men and women who are currently serving or have served in the Australian Defense Force. The RSL have also recently been appointed as Guardian […]

Letter of thanks from M.P. Andrew Rosindell over Union Flag campaign

We reported a couple of weeks ago about the 9 year campaign to get the Union Flag to fly permanently from the Houses of Parliament, which resulted in success for the campaigns organiser – M.P. Andrew Rosindell – and his backers, which include The Flag Institute and ourselves. We’re delighted to present a letter from […]

Outcry of Support Against French Company Making Union Flag for Olympics

After the report was released that the Union Flag manufacturing contract had been granted to a French company, pro-British support has erupted on various news websites and forums in favour of British companies being awarded Olympic contracts instead of their cheaper foreign counterparts. Of special attention is the issue which kick-started the debate, the issue […]