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Olympic Union Flags Contract Awarded to French Company

The Union Flag, seen as the iconic British symbol, is the center of controversy this week after it emerged the contract to produce these flags for the 2012 Olympics has been awarded to a French company over other British candidate companies, including ourselves. The contentious issue has been made worse by the revelation that the […]

9 Year Campaign to have Union Jack Fly Permanently from Houses of Parliament Succeeds

After his election to the House of Commons in 2001, Andrew Rosindell has been on a mission to have the Union Jack permanently flying from the Houses of Parliament. His campaign is nearing its conclusion, and already for a while the flag has been flying from the Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament.

“Malicious” Flag Lowering Looked into by US Officials

Officials in the state of Massachusetts are looking into what they are describing as “malicious” flag lowering of the national flag at the municipal building.

Police Force Under Fire for Flying Gay Rights Flag

A police force in Suffolk has been criticised for flying a gay rights flag, despite not being allowed to fly any national banners from their headquarters.

Council Rejects Rainbow Flag Flying Request

A Nottinghamshire councillor has issued a request to fly rainbow flags from council buildings in his local authority to celebrate gay pride.

Space Memorabilia for Sale Includes Flags

An auction to sell off items that have been taken on space missions include flags that have been flown on those missions.

Huge Crowd Surfacing Flag Created by Sunderland Fans

Loyal Sunderland Football Club supporters have unveiled an enormous flag for crowd surfing at the team’s local derby game against Newcastle last weekend.

Tuscon half-staff flag order not heard by all

President Obama’s proclamation that all flags in the US should be flown at half-mast in honour of the victims of the Tuscon shooting on the weekend, encountered a number of potholes when it came to being spread throughout the nation.

Kuwait aims to capture longest flag record

A school in Kuwait is hoping that a flag its students have spent a year working on will smash the record for the world’s longest ever flag.

Man fined under French flag insult law

A French court has imposed a €750 fine on an Algerian man under new legislation brought in to prevent desecration and insulting of the national flag.