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National 9/11 flag travelling the USA

The tattered and torn US flag which had hung from the scaffolding of a building next to Ground Zero is on its way across the USA to be restored to its former glory.

English flag painted over by pub landlord

With the World Cup in full swing earlier this year, a Norfolk pub landlord decided in the heat of the competition to paint a large Union Jack on the side of his pub. Reluctantly now, he’s had to paint over it.

Rainblow flags risk being removed in San Francisco

Rainbow flags have become an iconic part of San Francisco’s gay and lesbian community, and now risk being removed amid fears they are damaging the historic lampposts from which they are hung.

Dubai flies Israeli flag at swimming competition

As the Israeli national swimming team arrived to take part in the 10th FINA World Short Course Swimming Championship this week, the Israeli flag was flown for the first time in Dubai at the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex, where the competition is being held. This is the first time that the competition has been hosted in an Arab city.

Student protest flag thug revealed to be Pink Floyd guitarist’s son

During last week’s student fees riots in London, a thug was picture swinging from the Union Jack flag on the Cenotaph. It has been revealed that the student is is Charlie Gilmour, privileged son of legendary Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour.

Flags from Cricket Clubs across UK to show Ashes support

Flags from cricket clubs all throughout the UK could be picked out in the British supporters crowd that gathered in Adelaide to watch England’s cricket team destroy the Australian team and cruise to victory in the second Ashes test.

Royal Wedding Iconic Flag Photo Recreated

An iconic photo taken during the celebrations after the wedding of the Price and Princess of Wales 30 years ago has been recreated with the same man who unwittingly became the subject of that memorable photo.

Flags flown to raise awareness of missing man

A local man who went missing in the Lake District in September without leaving any trace has is having his plight remembered by flags being planted in the area to raise awareness.

Swimming Trunks Flag Depiction Condemned in Singapore

The skimpy trunks worn by the male team’s water polo team at the Asian Games which depict the Singaporean flag has been rebuked by the nation’s government.

Armistice Flag abandoned by Pub under orders

An RAF flag flying from outside the premises of a pub in Dumfries in honour of Armistice Day has caused controversy as local authorities asked the pub owners to remove the flag.