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Scrutiny over Government Flag contracts

After a detailed look at the nation’s finances, a range of private contracts have been identified that supply flags to the UK’s state departments and national events that could be cut back.

Freedom controversary sparked by boy’s bike flag

A major debate has been sparked over public displays of patriotism after a 13-year-old boy was asked to remove a Stars and Stripes flag from the back of his bicycle by his school.

Dismay Caused by Tatty Armistice Day Flag

The state of the Union Jack flying from the Petersborough town hall in the build up to the Remembrance Sunday commemorations this weekend has caused dismay from War veterans.

£110 million Blue Flag plan launched by Yorkshire Water

A five-year £110 million pound clean-up programme has been launched by Yorkshire Water with the aim of achieving the prestigious Blue Flag flying over the beaches along the North Yorkshire coast.

Israel In Near-Miss German Flag blunder

Israeli diplomats narrowly avoided embarrassment last week when flying a Belgian flag on a visit from a German delegation at the Foreign Ministry buildings in Tel Aviv. The diplomatic faux pas was spotted very shortly before the arrival of the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle by a sharp-eyed Israeli Foreign Ministry security guard.

New Nottinghamshire flag to be created

Work has begun by a team of designers to create a new flag for the county of Nottinghamshire. A deadline of the end of the year has been proposed to create three proposed designs for the county. The group of designers and art experts include Michael Faul of the prominent Flag Institute, as well as Alex Farquharson, director of the city art centre Nottingham Contemporary.

Historic event as Wessex flag flown again for first time in nearly 1,000 years

For the first time in nearly 1,000 the flag of Wessex will be flown over England’s ancient capital, Winchester. To commemorate the 1,111th anniversary of the death of King Alfred the Great, four red and gold banners were raised on temporary flagpoles in the town’s Abbey Gardens, representing the number of years passed, 1,111.

Myanmar gets a new flag ahead of elections

The official country flag of Myanmar has been changed by the ruling military, just weeks before the totalitarian country goes into its first election for 20 years. The new flag, along with new official name and national anthem was specified in a constitution written in 2008, however many people were surprised at the sudden change as no date had been set for the official changeover.

Fashion for the Brave: style on parade

Model Olivia Inge poses with WO2 Warren Brown and Staff Cpl Julian Hoggarth of the Household Cavalry at last night’s Fashion for the Brave charity gala. Inge’s dress was designed especially for the occasion by Vivienne Westwood. The Flags used to make the dress were supplied by Britain’s oldest flagmakers, Turtle & Pearce Ltd. The […]

Last stand of the ‘Desert Rats’ association marked by flag ceremony

The last annual service and commemoration of the East Yorkshire Eight Army Veterans’ Associated was marked by an emotional flag ceremony.