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2014 Commonwealth Games flag raised in Glasgow

Glasgow has raised the flag of the Commonwealth Games ready for the games in the city in 2014. The flag was raised by Gordon Matheson, Glasgow’s council leader after he returned from India with Lord Provost Bob Winter, who had supervised the passing of the ensign from this year’s host city, Delhi during a televised handover which saw over 1 billion viewers.

New 28 Squadron flag marked by Ceremony

This week Prince Michael of Kent, Honorary Air Commodore at RAF Benson presented a new banner to standard bearer Flight Lieutenant Danny Hogan consecrating the commission of the RAF 28th Squadron’s new standard.

Mix-up with Texas flag unnoticed for years… until now

Hundreds of ballot papers are being recalled after officials in Texas realised they had been sending them out for years with the wrong flag printed on them.

Flag parade to mark move of Aberdeen international school

A Scottish international school is to mark its move to a brand new campus with a parade of the flags of all the nations represented at the school. The 350 students of the International School of Aberdeen will take part in an Olympic-style parade, where they will follow 38 different national flags whilst wearing their national dress or colours.

Formula 1 blue flag removal backed by Branson

The call to abolish the blue flags in grand prix racing received further backing today when F1 boss Richard Branson joined the effort. Blue flags are waved to drivers on the track to warn them they are about to be lapped by a faster car, so they must let them pass. The initial call for the ban came from Lotus boss Tony Fernandes, who believes eliminating them would be better for the race competition, a view that Branson supports.

Ryder Cup flag fury sparked by Welsh town

The decision to fly the Union Jack over Monmouth’s Shire Hall building has been met with outrage from nationalists for not flying the Welsh flag during the Ryder Cup golf tournament, which is hosted nearby. The building, which normally flies the Welsh dragon, will instead be flying the Union Jack, in a move which has drawn furor from residents and re-ignited arguments over whether Monmouth is “really Welsh”.

Fallen Footballer commemorated by giant flag

Exeter City football club has received a new regular fixture at their ground: a giant flag measuring 60 feet by 40 feet to commemorate a player who died last month of cancer.

Commonwealth flag accepted by Scottish youngsters

Three Scottish youngsters will be receiving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play integral roles in the handover ceremony of the upcoming Commonwealth Games flag when the Delhi games are finished.

South Derbyshire dog mess problem to be highlighted by bright flags

The problem of dog mess in the district parks of South Derbyshire will be combatted by the local Council using the installation of conspicuous bright green flags. The plan is to make the bright green flags alert ignorant owners who do not pick up after their dogs to the extent of the problem.

Compromise on Scottish flag at Edinburgh Castle considered by MSPs

An end to the controversy over the flying of flags above Edinburgh Castle could soon be in sight as Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) are considering a proposal lodged by Nationalist MSPs at Holyrood calling for the Scottish national flag, the Saltire, to replace the Union Jack as the flag flying permanently over the castle’s famous David’s Tower.