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St George’s for St Mary’s Church

St George Flag

Last month we were able to provide a beautiful large flag for St. Mary’s Northchurch. The hand sewn St George’s flag was issued to the church following damage to their old flag, this was from age and recent poor weather conditions. This new flag was to fly throughout the Harvest services that the church hosts annually.

War Torn Flags Photoshoot

Theatre Props were approached by award winning photographer Scott Heavey to provide a ‘war torn flags’ look for a photo shoot with Getty Images. We were excited to be apart of this, as most of our flags are either made from scratch or maintenance and restoration type works. Theatre Props intentions with our supplied hand sewn flags were quite the opposite; they did a fantastic job in transforming the new flags in to the required distressed look.

Flag Restoration – White Ensign

We were recently invited to work on the restoration of beautiful old flag which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The flag held huge sentimental value for our client and underwent a long and delicate restoration process to restore the white ensign to its former glory. Flagmakers take great pride our ability to offer […]

67 Pall Mall Flag

67-Pall Mall Flag

Flagmakers are delighted to have supplied a set of bespoke hand sewn appliqué flags for new private members only club 67 Pall Mall. The club is already been dubbed London’s new home for true wine connoisseurs. We produced two flags for the impressive new members club. This enables 67 Pall Mall to ensure a flag […]

New Zealand Add Fifth Flag Design

The New Zealanders have spoken, and following a short but popular campaign, have successfully managed to add the “Red Peak” flag to their new flag options. This addition as resulted in lawmakers having to amend the rules to add this design to its four original finalists. New Zealand’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of adding […]

British Designer features in New Zealand Top 40 Flags

The story of one British designer whose entry into the New Zealand flag competition has made the top 40 designs. The lucky Brit is Mike Archer, a digital designer from Guernsey, entered 2 designs into the New Zealand Flag Consideration Project. The submitted designs are known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. The […]

Fiji Follows in New Zealand Footsteps

The planned change to the New Zealand flag is moving forward rapidly now. This is creating plenty of drama among the media, so much so not everyone has spotted Fiji are plotting to do the same! Similarly to New Zealand, the change of the flag partly about removing the Union Jack from the flag. The […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding Flags

Flagmakers pick up a role in new remake of movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding. The film which has been a huge success, first hit our screen in 1997. There have been plenty of remakes of the movie since. Flagmakers have been invited to manufacture for the new Chinese remake which will premiere on Valentine’s Day […]

New Zealand’s Big Decision

Will they won’t they? New Zealand seem to have been discussing the change of their flag for months and finally the closing date for new design entries has surpassed. 10,000+ entries have been submitted to a government flag design gallery. All the kiwi symbols can be spotted among the designs, including of course the kiwi! […]

Flag Standards on Parade

Flagmakers are very proud to have provided a beautiful new standard for the Dorset Women’s Section. We would like to thank our wonderful client Diane Cooling for working with us in helping her to become the first female standard bearer associated with the branch.