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Earth Flag?

Do we need a flag of Earth? The International Flag of Planet Earth is a graduation project at Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm in Sweden. The concept is to use the flag when representing Earth, e.g. a Mars landing, and to unite every nation and remind us to care for the planet we share.

Royal British Legion Conference 2015

Flagmakers would like to thank the Royal British Legion once more for kindly inviting us to this year’s annual conference. An event that has become a bit of a regular and favourite in the Flagmakers calendar with this year proving no exception.

Magna Carta 800th Anniversary

The Magna Carta has become a landmark in history and its implications and legacy still stand strong in modern ideals. The document has broken barriers in languages and cultures in the past 800 years. The key idea of freedom and justice has become part of the genetic structure of humankind.

UK Students Create Flags Celebrating the Magna Carta

The Flag Project has seen schools from every county designing flags which celebrate democracy and will collectively create a unique digital exhibition along with a collection of sewn flags to be flown at Parliament Square and Runnymede.

Flagmakers Create Flags for Magna Carta Celebrations

parliament flags

Flagmakers were selected to be the supplier of 80 flags, which make up the flag project. The flag project is about raising awareness of democracy among school children. This is particularly significant ahead of the celebrations of 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, which could be described as the very early beginnings of modern parliament.

Why should we Celebrate the De Montfort Parliament?

2015 is set to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the treaty which laid the early foundations for British democracy. This year also saw the anniversary of a slightly less well known event in forming modern Britain – the De Montfort Parliament. January 20th 2015 commemorated 750 years since the first meeting of an elected parliament, which became known as the De Montfort Parliament.

Primary School’s Union Jack Flag

Primary School New Flag

Flagmakers have recently provided a new sewn Union Jack flag to Burwell Village College Primary in Cambridgeshire. The primary school’s Union Jack Flag has replaced a rather tatty looking flag which was flying outside the school previously.

Colours Role in Creating the Perfect Flag


Here at Flagmakers we work with the Flag Institute to ensure you get any flag in its perfect form. Meaning we check from their specification the shape, size, design and Pantone colour. Our graphics team pride themselves on bringing you beautiful flags in the exact colour intended… this can be much more challenging than you’d […]

Union Jack Plaque for UK Funded Projects

The Union Jack is likely to become common place on UK funded infrastructure. Why? Ministers are planning to use the flag to “proudly adorn infrastructure investments” including motorways and bridge. The suggestion has divided opinion proposing it will look like a gimmick, supporters believe it will allow the public to better understand how government money […]

Lego Flag of Gibraltar

Lego Flag Gibraltar

This week we had this fun story brought to our attention. Meet the 4 metre high Lego flag of Gibraltar. The flag stands at a large 4m high by 8m long – that’s larger than a standard 6 yard flag! The construction took 393, 857 carefully selected Lego bricks to depict the flag colours in […]