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Falkland Island Union Flags

Falkland Island Union Flag

Flagmaker’s spotted in the Falkland Islands! We are proud to be manufacturers of the Falkland Island Union Flags. Photographed just this week in horrid weather conditions, only to be expected in the middle of November on the Falklands.

New Exmoor Flag Unveiled


The Flag world has been excitedly waiting for the unveiling of the new Exmoor Flag. The flag was created to coincide with the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Exmoor National Park – Exmoor is now the only are encompassing a national park with its own flag!

Tadley Legions New Standard


Special guests joined members of the Tadley and District Royal British Legion for the dedication of a new Standard and the laying up of the old Standard after a wonderful 39 years of service.

Wales: No Change to Union Flag


Wales only polls have suggested that the majority of Welsh people aren’t too concerned with their lack of representation in the flag. “During the Scottish referendum campaign there was discussion over what should happen to the union jack flag if Scotland decided to leave the United Kingdom. The flag includes the Scottish Saltire element of the blue background and white cross but it has no Welsh representation.”

New Zealand Post Referendum Jitters


We are still a Union of Countries and we still have our Union Jack, but not everyone is happy. News is flying around regarding the New Zealand Prime Ministers appeal to remove the Union Jack from their flag following all the unrest. This may have been anticipated following all the instability. However, what would New […]

Post Referendum Analysis and the Union Jack

All the drama has unfolded and we are a little bit relieved to say our beloved Union Flag will definitely be staying as it is for now! Following a media frenzy and a stream of radio appearances by Flagmakers. There have been many trials and tribulations and eventually the vote has not impacted our flag […]

Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games

Over the next 10 days, 4,500 athletes from over 70 nations will compete in 17 sports in the hope that a year’s tough training will bring them a medal win. More than 1 million fans are expected to cheer on the athletes inside the 13 official venues with many more watching around the world.

Of course the big question we were asking was, which flags will we see and how many?

UK Prepares for Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day flag raising

This Saturday, the 28th June 2014, the UK celebrates the sixth annual Armed Forces Day.

The event, set up to raise public awareness of the contribution made by the armed forces for the country and to allow the public to show their support of the troops, was originally called Veterns’ Day when it was first set up in 2006, however has been renamed to Armed Forces Day in 2009.

Historic Ottoman flag returned to Turkey

In 1918, Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hunman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby, head of Britain’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) in World War I, was pursuing the Ottoman’s Fourth and Seventh Armies into Syria toward its capital, Damascus. It wasn’t long before the EEF, run by the Desert Mounted Corps, had captured the capital city and advanced into northern Syria.

Flagmakers in historical flag recreation for BBC

We recently received an order from BBC Bristol to create an historical flag. The flag was the old regimental flag for The Queen’s Own Hussars regiment, known as a “guidon”, which was used in battles to help direct the troops and enable them to rally in the right areas.

The Queen’s Own Hussars were merged with The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in 1993 to become the Queen’s Royal Hussars. The regiment itself traces its roots back to 1685 and during the past 320 years has been awarded 172 Battle Honours and 8 Victoria Crosses.