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International Relations

Flags Help Tell So Many News Stories

Like many of us, I like to keep an eye on the daily news online and cannot help but note that there is hardly a day that goes by without at least one image used in which a flag is included. Occasionally the story is about the flag itself, but more often than not they […]

Historical European Flags resurface due to Growing Patriotism

The Wall Street Journal recently spoke to our Commercial Director, Paul Noble asking for his comments on the change in demand for European national flags as a result of political and social changes therein.  Here is an extract from the article, written by reporter, Valentina Pop. In Europe, Separatists and Nationalists Are Sprouting Old Colours […]

Trust the Flag: A Cypriot Tale

This is a story that in truth goes back over over 50 years. Our involvement with the flag of Cyprus is a mere 13 years old. In August 1960, Ismet Güney’s design for the national flag of the Republic of Cyprus came into use, representing the fact that the country was now independent. In 1974, the self-declared state of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus adopted its own flag, the Flag of Northern Cyprus. The two flags have continued to epitomise the political division of Cyprus which still persists today.

New Zealand’s Decision

The final winning flag is the blue and black silver fern. Although this is the winning flag option it may not be selected for use. New Zealander’s will vote in March as to if they will begin using the winning design or continue to use the established flag.

British Designer features in New Zealand Top 40 Flags

The story of one British designer whose entry into the New Zealand flag competition has made the top 40 designs. The lucky Brit is Mike Archer, a digital designer from Guernsey, entered 2 designs into the New Zealand Flag Consideration Project. The submitted designs are known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. The […]

Seeking Border Flag Flying Flexibility

St George & Saltire

This week members of parliament have been discussing the issue of border flag flying flexibility when it comes to flying of national flags on either side of the Scottish and English border. The issue was initially raised by a Berwickshire councillor. He has asked whether flags other than the Saltire can be flown on the […]

Largest Flagpoles in the World – Aqaba Flagpole

Aqaba Jordan Flag & Flagpole

Featuring, the 137 metre tall flagpole which is currently the fifth largest unsupported flagpole in the world (was tallest when installed). With a flagpole this large the flag has to withstand extra pressure from winds and its own weight – with the flag been a whopping 20 x 40 metres to be in proportion with […]

New Zealand Post Referendum Jitters


We are still a Union of Countries and we still have our Union Jack, but not everyone is happy. News is flying around regarding the New Zealand Prime Ministers appeal to remove the Union Jack from their flag following all the unrest. This may have been anticipated following all the instability. However, what would New […]

The Nato Summit and Flagmakers

So how was Flagmakers involved? We were pleased to provide all of the flag standards for the event. That’s was a mere 280 poles required for this one event! 50 of these poles were to be carried and the rest to stand within the venue. Flagmakers also made 24 of the flags which were to […]

Flagmakers aids Daily Mail in Union Jack April Fools caper

There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about the fate of the Union Jack should Scottish independence be realised and the union broken up. Since its inception in 1801, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has had arguably the most iconic flag in the world – the Union Jack.

Despite its heritage, the flag may well be altered should Scotland become an independent nation.

So what better source of April Fools joke than some good-humoured ribbing about the changing of this iconic flag?

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