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Magna Carta Flags

Newington Primary School, Dumfriesshire

The parts of the shield in the middle represent: Top – castles and royal burghs Middle – sheaves of corn for farming Bottom: water for the 3 main rivers which all begin from the same source The stripes are coloured purple for the royalty and green for land (and part of Dumfriesshire and Tweeddale regional colours). Designed by Newington’s Primary 7 pupils.

Garlieston Primary School, Wigtownshire

We chose these pictures because we have local fisheries and Garlieston’s symbol is an anchor. The book is because Wigtown is the national book town. the castle is because we have a lot of castles in Wigtownshire. The memorial is because of the one locally.

Ardeer Primary School, Ayrshire

Our design was inspired by the natural environment in our constituency. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful beach with a Local Nature Reserve and sand dunes. We have a beautiful view of Arran across the Firth of Forth. We also included the Bonnie Lesley Memorial as this is a link to Scotland’s bard, Robert Burns.

Luss Primary School, Argyll and Bute

We are from a small school of nine pupils in the village of Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomond. The inspiration for our design for Argyll & Bute comes from the beautiful surroundings of Loch Lomond, including Ben Lomond, which we see every day when we come to school. We also used the Red Deer and Squirrels that live in this area as a source of inspiration.

St Anthony’s Primary School, West Lothian

The purple represents the thistle and the thistle represents Scotland. The house is there for the development of Armadale. The spade and pick axe represent that Armadale used to be the home to a mine. The black represents the coal. The train station represents the new railway in Armadale. The green represents the fields around Armadale.

Abercromby Primary School, Clackmannanshire

Each child in the class thought about how they can draw a flag to represent our county, Clackmannanshire. Our Headteacher then chose her favourite one. Please find attached our entry drawn by Morgan, Aged 10. From Morgan: My flag has got lots of the landmarks in Clackmannanshire. The first thing I drew was the new Clackmannashire Bridge then I drew the Clackmannan Tower. We have lots of towers like the one on my flag across Clackmannanshire. I drew the Ochil Hills because I thought they would look really nice as a background. The Ochil Hills go right through Clackmannanshire. I put the triangles at the side as the colour looks like the sunset over the Ochils. I drew the clouds as they look like thought bubbles as the saying on the Clackmannanshire sign is ‘More than you can image.’

Camdean Primary School, Fife

This is the flag for Dunfermline and West Fife and will be representing Fife.

Meigle Primary School, Perthshire

I live in Perth and Kinross area which stretches for many miles and borders with another eight council areas. Perth and Kinross has beautiful scenery and has a great deal of historic sites. I live in the village of Meigle which is famous for its Pictish stones and they are kept in what used to be the old village school. The area is surrounded by countryside and farming is the largest profession in the area. I have designed my flag to show this. The black marks show the rain and the berries in the brown shows the farming in this area. The stones show the Pictish stones. Jamie P5

Fettercairn School, Kincardineshire

The flag stands for the countryside and most of the old parts of Fettercairn. The Ramsay Arms Hotel has got a bar and a restaurant. The Fettery shop has lots of stuff you can buy. The church is where you can get married. Kincardine Castle is now a remains of a castle. The farm stands for all the food we get.

Hilton Primary School, Inverness

Hilton Primary School’s design by Faith, aged 8.