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Magna Carta Flags

Monkton Priory Community School, Pembrokeshire

The blue sky represents the beautiful long summers we have in Pembrokeshire. The green represents the rolling Pembrokeshire hills. The castle is Pembroke Castle. The crown represents the history of the royal family – Henry 7th. The black band represents our reliance on our energy sector. The red represents the red dragon that one the battle with the white dragon to win the place on our national flag.

Ysgol Gymraeg Ffwrnes, Carmarthenshire

Our design was inspired by the historical, industrial and sporting factors that have made Llanelli into the area we know and love today. Llanelli was once known world wide for it’s thriving industry, particularly tin witch in turn was made into items such as saucepans, gaining the town it’s name TINOPOLIS.

SennyBridge County Primary School, Brecknockshire

Red was chosen because we live in Wales. Yellow was chosen to symbolise our national emblem, the daffodil and sheep were chosen because of the sheep on our hills.

Maesycoed Primary School, Glamorgan

Sixteen school council members, at Maesycoed Primary School, liaised with their respective classes and myself to design a flag that best represents our constituency. Our local history was discussed, as was the physical features of our immediate landscape. We are very fortunate in our area and often had to begin again as our flag became more of a mural. The children very much enjoyed the role of being a heraldic artist and found the juxtaposition of colours and metals akin to the games ‘tetris’ and ‘bop it’.

Llanfoist Fawr Primary School, Monmouthshire

The inspiration for the design came from an original idea of using old and new bridges linking with Monmouthshire. Our initial design focused on the gateway to Monmouthshire (The Severn Bridge) intertwined with the Monnow Bridge. This design proved too complex to make so we decided on the iconic Monnow Bridge in colours representing both Wales and Monmouthshire.

Whitehill Junior School, Hertfordshire

The stag on our design was influenced by the stag that represents Hertfordshire. We used the purple to represent the lavender fields in Hitchin town and the crow on the stag’s back represents Royston town. The black arrows represent the UK’s first roundabout, which is in Letchworth, and the fields were inspired by the agriculture we have in our constituency.

Onny C of E Primary School, Shropshire

Our flag in for South Shropshire. The leaf stands for all the woods we have here in such as Mortimer Forest, the blue for the River Severn and the River Teme which start at the top of mountains in Wales. The hills represent our beautiful Shropshire countryside which some people say looks like a patchwork quilt in the summer when the hills are full of life and crops.

Kingsland C E (C) Primary School, Staffordshire

Our design team featured sixteen children from Key Stage Two. Firstly we watched the flag video and noted that most of the flags were divided into halves or thirds. We used this concept to break our flag up into imaginary thirds so that the flag was balanced.

Webheath First School Academy, Worcestershire

This flag has been designed to represent the Worcestershire town of Redditch. The cloverleaf represents the iconic cloverleaf interchange. The river and arrow represents the River Arrow. The crossed needles represent Redditch’s links to the needle making industry. The Kingfisher bird represents the town’s primary retail centre, the ‘Kingfisher Shopping Centre’ which was opened in 1976 by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan.

John Gulson Primary School, Warwickshire

Our flag represents Coventry. The triple striped design in the centre represents the three spires in the city centre. The sky blue represents the traditional colour of Coventry. This came from the blue dye that was used to dye clothes in the middle ages. During this time the dye became known as ‘Coventry Blue’. It is now most famously worn by Coventry City FC (The Sky Blues). The white represents the dove of peace because Coventry is a centre for peace and reconciliation with visitors from all over the world visiting the Cathedral.