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Flagmakers Create Flags for Magna Carta Celebrations

parliament flags

Flagmakers were selected to be the supplier of 80 flags, which make up the flag project. The flag project is about raising awareness of democracy among school children. This is particularly significant ahead of the celebrations of 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, which could be described as the very early beginnings of modern parliament.

Why should we Celebrate the De Montfort Parliament?

2015 is set to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the treaty which laid the early foundations for British democracy. This year also saw the anniversary of a slightly less well known event in forming modern Britain – the De Montfort Parliament. January 20th 2015 commemorated 750 years since the first meeting of an elected parliament, which became known as the De Montfort Parliament.

VEDay70 & The Union Jack

What a wonderful commemoration VE Day proved to be in 2015! As a flagmaker it was simply spectacular to see so many flags and standards on such proud display over the weekend. It made us think about the relationship we have as a nation with our flag and how it has flown high through war and celebration.

Union Jack Plaque for UK Funded Projects

The Union Jack is likely to become common place on UK funded infrastructure. Why? Ministers are planning to use the flag to “proudly adorn infrastructure investments” including motorways and bridge. The suggestion has divided opinion proposing it will look like a gimmick, supporters believe it will allow the public to better understand how government money […]

Seeking Border Flag Flying Flexibility

St George & Saltire

This week members of parliament have been discussing the issue of border flag flying flexibility when it comes to flying of national flags on either side of the Scottish and English border. The issue was initially raised by a Berwickshire councillor. He has asked whether flags other than the Saltire can be flown on the […]

Wales: No Change to Union Flag


Wales only polls have suggested that the majority of Welsh people aren’t too concerned with their lack of representation in the flag. “During the Scottish referendum campaign there was discussion over what should happen to the union jack flag if Scotland decided to leave the United Kingdom. The flag includes the Scottish Saltire element of the blue background and white cross but it has no Welsh representation.”

Post Referendum Analysis and the Union Jack

All the drama has unfolded and we are a little bit relieved to say our beloved Union Flag will definitely be staying as it is for now! Following a media frenzy and a stream of radio appearances by Flagmakers. There have been many trials and tribulations and eventually the vote has not impacted our flag […]

The Nato Summit and Flagmakers

So how was Flagmakers involved? We were pleased to provide all of the flag standards for the event. That’s was a mere 280 poles required for this one event! 50 of these poles were to be carried and the rest to stand within the venue. Flagmakers also made 24 of the flags which were to […]

Why isn’t Wales included in the Union Flag?

It’s an interesting question, and one which has puzzled many since they realised that the Union Flag is supposed to be an amalgamation – or ‘union’ – of all the constituent countries within the Union Flag. However, the question does have an answer! The Union Flag traces its roots to 1606, when it was originally […]

Who makes the rules for the Union Flag?

An interesting but rarely-known fact about the Union Flag (or “Union Jack”) is that the there are very few laws governing its usage. Technically, the Union Flag is the property of the Monarch, not of the State (or government). Therefore it is common that instructions regarding the usage of the Union Flag are “commands” issued […]