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Gordon Browns Attempts To Introduce A British National Day Saw An Outbreak Of “Union Jackery”

Nick Groom is one of the foremost experts on the Union Flag and has written numerous papers and books on the subject. His insight into the history of our iconic emblem is second to none and having recently read an article he did for the University College Dublin in 2010 it is interesting to note how […]

Will There Be A New Northern Ireland Flag?

In a letter to the 5 main Stormont parties involved in negotiations to find an agreement to parades and the use of flags in Northern Ireland, Dr Richard Haass, the former US Ambassador chairing the talks, has asked the question: “What might a process to design and validate a new Northern Ireland flag look like? What […]

The Union Flag: What happens if Scotland wins independence? Nothing apparently!

According to The College of Arms, the authority for official flags for the UK and the Commonwealth, should the people of Scotland vote for independence there are no plans to change the Union Flag if Scotland becomes an independent state. They are quoted as saying that: As the Queen would remain the head of state in an […]

Sir Chris Hoy Leads Flag Procession for Commonwealth Games Launch

The Queen started the countdown to next year’s Commonwealth Games as she handed over the official baton for a relay which will travel more than 120,000 miles around the world. Allan Wells, winner of four Commonwealth golds and the 100-metre sprint title at the 1980 Olympics, was the first carrier of the baton before it […]

Barber Receives Threats And Racist Taunts For Flying An England Flag During Leith Flag Festival

In August, during the Leith Flag Festival local barber was subjected to racist taunts and threatened with violence for flying a St George’s Cross flag outside his shop. As part of the Leith Flag Festival, and to generate a bit of “local banter and fun” Keith Hales, 58, put up the English national flag, alongside an Italian flag, […]

Would Scotland Voting For Independence Mean A Change To The Union Jack?

With Scotland voting in the September 2014 referendum to decide on whether or not to achieve independence from the United Kingdom, there is already debate on whether a “yes” vote will mean a change to the current design of the Union Jack. Obviously there would be need to be some form of act of parliament […]