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Olympics 2012

Union Jack design transforms Olympic stadium

When it comes to designing Olympic stadium closing ceremonies, according to the old adage, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Esmerelda Devlin is an award-winning international stage and costume designer. A graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College, she has designed opera productions all over Europe, as well as working with Kanye […]

Queen parks boat at Stratford

Sorry, we couldn’t resist that somewhat flippant headline. What we should really have said, was perhaps: ‘Glorious Gloriana graces Olympic Park’. Somewhat ungloriously though, this fine vessel was dubbed ‘the royal barge’ when it was built this year for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Gloriana is the first royal barge to have been constructed in a […]

A ‘Weirwolf Storey’ to end the Paralympics

What a fantastic summer of sport we’ve enjoyed with the Olympics and Paralympics coverage on television. And the competitiveness continued right up to the last minute with the Paralympics closing ceremony on Sunday. The normal protocol is to select a single individual to carry the British flag for the closing ceremony, and David Weir was […]

Hoy hoists our flag high at the Olympics

This blog is being written during the early days of the Olympics, so many athletes, such as Sir Chris Hoy, have not had the opportunity to shine at all of their chosen events. The whole nation though was very moved, if not a little puzzled, by Danny Boyle’s impressive opening ceremony, which culminated in the […]

Junior Flagmakers prepare for the Games

A quiet corner of Yorkshire became the home of the mini version of the Olympic opening ceremony last weekend when a group of 23 children held their own version of the most spectacular show in the world. Flagmakers Director Paul and his daughter Isabella (2 ½) joined in the fun which included a special Flag […]

Flying out aid under the British flag

We’re becoming more and more patriotic in this historic year of 2012. Nearly doing well in the football. The Queen taking to the Thames for her special day. Anticipation of success at the London Olympics. The latest organisation to jump on the bandwagon is the Department for International Development. They believe that the UK should […]

Flagmakers Gearing up for the Final Olympic Push

2012 has proven an amazing year to be a flag Manufacturer.  We’d barely had a chance to draw breath following the Jubilee then the Euro 2012 Championships started.  Of course we’re rooting for England and it seems a lot of supporters out there feel the same way too.  Online we’re offering a choice of 5 […]

Olympic flag reaches Everest

According to Tony Little, headmaster of renowned Eton College, the primary aim of the school is to encourage every Etonian student to be ‘a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive young man, a well-rounded character with an independent mind’. And he also wants them to have a true sense of self worth that will be of value […]

Knit one; pearl two; hang thousands

Not content with buying beautifully printed or woven flags from Flagmakers, some community groups in Bath have joined forces to produce hundreds of yards of knitted flags and bunting to adorn the Assembly Rooms frontage as their part in the Olympic Torch Relay. A total of 2,454 knitted pennants have been produced by twenty groups […]

Eton schoolboys want to be top of the class

A group of boys from the esteemed public school of Eton have set off for a 4,600 mile trip to Mount Everest with the intention of flying the Olympic flag from the top of the mountain. The boys, the youngest of whom is only thirteen, will be greeted in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu by […]