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Union Flag

Flags Help Tell So Many News Stories

Like many of us, I like to keep an eye on the daily news online and cannot help but note that there is hardly a day that goes by without at least one image used in which a flag is included. Occasionally the story is about the flag itself, but more often than not they […]

Flag Protocol – Half-Mast

It’s not something we want to do as it usually marks national sorrow and respect. However, it’s also not something you can afford to get wrong or adhere to! That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to fly the Union flag at half-mast correctly. Flagmakers have tried to remove as much flag […]

War Torn Flags Photoshoot

Theatre Props were approached by award winning photographer Scott Heavey to provide a ‘war torn flags’ look for a photo shoot with Getty Images. We were excited to be apart of this, as most of our flags are either made from scratch or maintenance and restoration type works. Theatre Props intentions with our supplied hand sewn flags were quite the opposite; they did a fantastic job in transforming the new flags in to the required distressed look.

Flag Restoration – White Ensign

We were recently invited to work on the restoration of beautiful old flag which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The flag held huge sentimental value for our client and underwent a long and delicate restoration process to restore the white ensign to its former glory. Flagmakers take great pride our ability to offer […]

VEDay70 & The Union Jack

What a wonderful commemoration VE Day proved to be in 2015! As a flagmaker it was simply spectacular to see so many flags and standards on such proud display over the weekend. It made us think about the relationship we have as a nation with our flag and how it has flown high through war and celebration.

Primary School’s Union Jack Flag

Primary School New Flag

Flagmakers have recently provided a new sewn Union Jack flag to Burwell Village College Primary in Cambridgeshire. The primary school’s Union Jack Flag has replaced a rather tatty looking flag which was flying outside the school previously.

Royal British Legion Conference 2015

Flagmakers are very pleased to finally be announcing that we will again be confirmed attendees of the Royal British Legion Conference 2015. The event is now just a few weeks away, with the dates for the dairy been the 16th and 17th of May. This year’s specialist conference is to be held at the beautiful […]

Congratulations to Marathon Des Sables Runners

The Marathon des Sables is said to be the world’s toughest footrace. It is essentially 6 days and 254km worth of adventure in the Moroccan desert. I am very pleased to announce that my Son Tom has successfully completed the event and has returned home safe and sound, if not a little battered and bruised. […]

Union Jack Plaque for UK Funded Projects

The Union Jack is likely to become common place on UK funded infrastructure. Why? Ministers are planning to use the flag to “proudly adorn infrastructure investments” including motorways and bridge. The suggestion has divided opinion proposing it will look like a gimmick, supporters believe it will allow the public to better understand how government money […]

Churchill’s Coffin Drape by Flagmakers

Churchill Bearer & Drape

Today marks 50 years since the state funeral of Winston Churchill, and here at Flagmakers we take great pride in having been the manufacturer of the great leaders coffin drape Union Jack. Having lead Britain to victory in World War 2 the illustrious prime minister received a state funeral. The only “commoner” to do so […]

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