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VEDay70 & The Union Jack

What a wonderful commemoration VE Day proved to be in 2015! As a flagmaker it was simply spectacular to see so many flags and standards on such proud display over the weekend. It made us think about the relationship we have as a nation with our flag and how it has flown high through war and celebration.

The Flag is a recognised symbol of Britishness and cultural identity. Particularly, in times of strife and war. We imagine the iconic images of the flag carried by Soldiers through times of despair, and yet that same flag represents hope and resistance. That hope is something which can unite us as a nation… That is why we enjoyed the celebrations last weekend, we saw people unite in celebration of the freedom the fallen had earned for us.

The events proved the Union Jack had still got it! With flags of all shapes and sizes been proudly waved, a rare site in modern times but still incredibly powerful and beautiful. It is also worth noting here that the Union Jack is not governed so it can be flown in a more trivial manner, offering the nation an opportunity to get involved, not just the elite.

Beyond the Union Jack we saw an array of flags on display, which we are sure would have been in immaculate condition ahead of this special day. The Queen joined commemorations at Westminster Abbey along with many veterans. After the service, we were treated to a military parade which would take lead proceedings towards Buckingham Palace, with a fly-past of World War Two Aircraft still to come. And of course there was a speedy fly past by the ever spectacular Red Arrows leaving their renowned trail of red, white and blue smoke!

With all of this we found it impossible not to glow with pride to be British, as I’m sure many would agree. We hope the legacy of the brave individuals who fought for all is never lost and we continue to see the flag they believed so greatly in continue to be flown in their honour.

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Jonathan Bramah

Jonathan acquired Flagmakers in 2009 and has overseen its successful transition from a traditional flag maker to the diverse and vibrant business that it is today.

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