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Garden charity Midsummer Gardens gets flag from Flagmakers

Midsummer Gardens is a charity not quite like any others. The one thing the UK has in abundance is enthusiastic gardeners who spend much of their time and effort in perfecting their gardens. The people of Midsummer Gardens have come across an opportunity to help local charities by taking advantage of the usually-private gardens.

Started in 2003, an enthusiastic gardener named Tony McDonnell realised that there are a number of beautiful gardens in the UK that the public don’t have access to. So what if he could organise weekends where the public were allowed to visit these gardens for a small fee which would then go to charity?

Last ran over the dates of June 15th & 16th 2013, the garden openings is a “once every two years opportunity” for people to visit these beautiful gardens.

midsummer-gardens-flagThe result has been amazing. So far the group have raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities!

We are delighted to have been partially involved in the success of their charity work. We were asked by Midsummer Gardens to produce a flag for their events, to help promote and attract attention to the local gardens which are open. You can see a photo of the flag on the right!

We wish the group the best of luck in continuing to raise money for such worthy causes!

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