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Historic banner found down-under

George Tutill, one of our sister companies, is proud of its heritage and we’re always delighted when they unearth fascinating examples of their art from days of old. The latest discovery is a ceremonial banner, dating from pre-1900, that is now on prominent display in a museum in New South Wales in Australia.Historic banner

The banner depicts scenes illustrating the values of the Ancient Order of Foresters, a Friendly Society of the type that was very popular in the 1900’s. Their philanthropic members would contribute to society funds that would then be distributed to the needy.

Part of the caring and colourful culture of the societies was demonstrated by their use of banners, both large and small, that were used by groups of primarily working people during the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of these banners have survived into the 21st century, but are now in need of much loving care and attention to restore them to their original condition. Given the age of our banner shown here, it’s in an incredible state of preservation. It has been housed in a bespoke display cabinet that is built through the wall so that the flag can be viewed from both sides.

In those days, a top-of-the-range India Rubber Silk Banner would have cost 23 guineas (£25.20). And an extra half-crown (12.5p) would have bought ‘two poles, brass knobs, fittings, straps and sockets’. True value indeed.

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