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Policeman Flying The Flag for Charity in Yorkshire

Union Jack FlagWhen Jens Hislop and his wife Andrea moved into their home in Yorkshire, there was an unused flagpole in their back garden. On occasion Mr Hislop, a retired policeman, would fly a Union Jack Flag from the pole, however when they became tatty he decided to do something else with the new flag and restored pole.

Now, Mr Hislop puts the flagpole to good use by flying a flag to raise money for good causes.

In exchange for a minimum £5 donation to a specified charity, he will fly the Union Jack flag from the flagpole.

“I have recently restored the large flagpole, fitted a new halyard and bought a brand new Union flag,” explained Jens. “So now we seek any excuse to fly it in addition to the prescribed national high days and holy days.

“For a minimum donation of £5 to Manorlands, or another specified charity, I will fly the flag from morning to dusk to celebrate any event for anyone on any day.”

Mr Hislop added that he would consider flying any flag for the same donation, providing it met few guidelines: “it is not seditious or controversial, and does not clash with a Union flag-hoisting”. He has placed a whiteboard at the base of the flagpole to let passers-by know for whom the flag is flying.

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