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Primary School’s Union Jack Flag

Primary School New FlagFlagmakers have recently provided a new sewn Union Jack flag to Burwell Village College Primary in Cambridgeshire. The primary school’s Union Jack Flag has replaced a rather tatty looking flag which was flying outside the school previously.

We simply had to help the school’s Chair, Ms Brunton, when we received her appeal for a help restoring the flag and flagpole to its former glory. The flagpole which is situated in the entrance to the school is the centre piece to a memorial garden dedicated to Private Robbie Hayes, who tragically lost his life in the Afghanistan conflicts. A former pupil at the school the flag had become a way to help the children to appreciate Robbie’s bravery and pride. Sadly the bedraggled flag wasn’t lighting up the skies as well as it once was following the long winter.

Flagmakers have offered the Primary School’s Union Jack Flag and also advised some new care instructions. The old flag was flown constantly which had aged it significantly and caused the edges to fray. We advising the new flag is washed at least quarterly and is taken down during periods of high winds, to give the longest life possible.

Ms Brunton has kindly sent us some photographs of the Primary School’s Union Jack Flag, she also commented: “The children are delighted with the new flag and lots of parents have commented about how lovely it looks and how nice it is to continue to remember Robbie.”

Burwell Primary we were glad to be of service, it certainly looks like the children are enjoying the new refreshed flag. As a company we strive to help in creating beautiful hardwearing sewn flags to aid in the commemorations of our service men and women or sacrifice so much. We’d like to thank Ms Brunton for approaching us and bring this to our attention – it sounds like your new flag has definitely lived up to and surpassed expectations.

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