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BBC One TV show: SS-GB

Flagmakers were asked to produce a variety of flags and banners for the new BBC TV show called SS-GB. This drama is based on the novel which has the same name as the show and was written by Len Deighton in 1978. This is a story about an alternative timeline where Britain is being occupied by the Nazi Germans due to the Germany winning the Battle of Britain. The first episode of SS-GB had 6.1 million views, and it continues to be popular amongst the viewers further down the storyline.

Flagmakers made ceremonial banners, drapes, and custom flags for this TV set. The TV show realistically portrays the strictness and structure of the Nazi’s and the products we produced helped to create this atmosphere. This is not the first time Flagmakers have created flags for movies and TV shows. Throughout the years of working with the film industry, we know what is expected of us, and we always aim to beat expectations of product quality, lead times, and service.

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