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Beach Flags with a Twist

TowelsFlagmakers was recently contacted by Blue, an artist from Barbados, now working in London, he had an interesting and unusual challenge for us. We were excited to accept and eager to find out more!

Beach flags are extremely familiar to Flagmakers and they can prove vital in keeping us all safe whilst enjoying a day at the beach. However, the flags are generally a little unexciting and are bland block colours for ease of use. Beach towels on the other hand are often vibrant with bold patterns and vivid colours. We’ve all bought the brightest beach towel we can find to make sure we can find our spot on the beach, this hadn’t gone unnoticed by our Barbados born artist.

We supplied almost 50 rope and toggle beach towel flags for Blue to use in his project. His beach flagpole fun piece is now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the towels are rotated daily to keep the locals guessing! The colourful beach towel flags are certainly turning heads. Blue commented “Thank you so much for your help with this peculiar project.” Continuing “especially the ladies in the sewing room who did such an amazing job making the flags for me.” The towels posed a new challenge for our experienced machinists who most regularly work with durable knitted polyester rather than the thick fluffy nature of the cotton based towels.

We thank Blue for bringing this interesting project to Flagmakers! We are glad to be flying the flag in Santa Fe and wish Blue a very bright future with his artwork. Flagmakers certainly hopes Blue might even come up with some more creative flags to challenge us again in the future.



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