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Family Crest Guidon

Guidon? It wasn’t something I was familiar with until working with Flagmakers. A guidon is a type of heraldic flag, which is in a similar sort of shape to a burgee but more rounded.

Flagmakers produced a guidon which featured a crest of a families surname. Guidon’s can prove the perfect canvas to celebrate family heritage and pride. We manufactured the crest of the Howie family, which was then shipped halfway around the world to sunny Australia.

That’s why our customer, Mr John Howie commented as below: “Just to let you know that my Standard arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with it and your company. Tomorrow is Australia Day and I shall proudly show it to a few of my friends who are coming over for lunch.”

It was great news to hear that the standard had managed to reach Mr Howie in time for the big day. We are hopeful that the crest would arrive on time but with it travelling half way around the world you can never guarantee!

The name itself originates much closer to home in Scotland with the first Howie not migrating to Australia until 1852 as far as we know. This was a bold 39 year old miner, named Hugh Howie, who travelled aboard the ship “Steadfast” to reach the land down under.

The guidon certainly features a fairly unusual design but is wonderfully intricate and completed with a small fringe. The crest represents the diverse history of the family name and has been fitted with a headband so the family can mount the crest as they see fit.

We’d like to send our thanks to the Howie family. It’s also lovely to see a family taking such pride in their heritage.


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