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My Best Friend’s Wedding Flags

Flagmakers pick up a role in new remake of movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding. The film which has been a huge success, first hit our screen in 1997. There have been plenty of remakes of the movie since. Flagmakers have been invited to manufacture for the new Chinese remake which will premiere on Valentine’s Day 2016.

We are a little bit upset we might not be able to see the striking heraldic flags in action. However, we appreciate any opportunity to manufacture these beautiful heraldic old-fashioned flags. The flags feature many heraldic symbols including the Stag, Eagle, Rampant Lion and Rose, among others.

Our client was overjoyed with the result commenting on how “wonderful the flags look” and what a “fantastic job” the ream had done. Even adding “I will definitely be using your company again when I next need something like that done!” So we’ve all got our fingers crossed for a blockbuster premiere for some more Flagmakers flags.

The new film remake will still be set in the UK and the plot will remain essentially the same. The new film remake will still be set in the UK and the plot will remain generally the same. The leading man falls for a young well-off Chinese student, with the leading lady rushing to London to try her best to win him back.

We don’t know much more than this at the moment (not sure anyone does) but are sure the movie will be a huge hit with its new audience. Giants such as Sony and Columbia are already involved in the movie making it a sure fire hit for 2016! Beast of luck to all involved and fingers crossed we might one day manage to grab a glimpse of our flags in their movie role, even if we can’t see it on the big screen.

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