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Royal Marine Association Marquee

Royal-Marines-Association-MarqueeFlagmakers recently created a beautiful marquee for a client at the Royal Marine Association. The Royal Marine Association marquee is to be at the associations Taunton base. This will be used at local events and features a large widely recognised symbol on 3 of its walls. Making it the perfect choice for the Royal Marine Associations purpose.

We were really pleased with this particular marquee, following material specification alterations this was the first 3x3m marquee to be manufactured with our new pattern. The Royal Marine Association marquee features a 3x3m heavy duty pop-up marquee frame. This is then wrapped with the 3 Royal Marine branded fabric walls these are secured into place with small Velcro loops to support the corner fittings. In this case the walls were only printed externally, clients have previously had the internal walls printed as an extra feature of their marquee.

The canopy was left unbranded by choice of the association. However, you will notice the 4 printed pelmets which surround the canopy. The challenge here was to ensure the unprinted canopy and printed pelmets where a perfect colour match.

This was the first time I had seen the pop-up marquee been put into position. They certainly do pop-up! We had a small team putting everything together as a trail run, the frame is fantastically simple and the application of Velcro has made things move really quickly.

Our client completed the marquee with the supply of a wheeled carry case – perfect for attending local events. We would like to wish the Royal Marines Association every success with their new pop-up marquee.  We also send thanks to the Royal Marines Association for proving the success of the Flagmakers new pattern system.

For more information on marquees see here:

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