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UK Students Create Flags Celebrating the Magna Carta

The Flag Project has seen schools from every county designing flags which celebrate democracy and will collectively create a unique digital exhibition along with a collection of sewn flags to be flown at Parliament Square and Runnymede.

This project is part of celebrating the Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations. The flags also commemorate 750 years since the De Montfort Parliament, whereby representative from every county/town were invited to London forming a very early version of the House of Commons.

All of the flags in the collection have been designed by school students aged from 7 to 11 with 80 counties represented in a sewn flag as well as hundreds of entries shown in the online gallery. The flag project was part of the Magna Carta Foundation of Liberty event, ahead of the anniversary on the 15th June.

The 80 flags on display were nominated by members of parliament for their unique representation of the local areas and democracy. Once selected the children’s drawing arrived into the Flagmakers graphics studio where we began redrawing the images to make printable artwork. The printed flag then enters our sewing room to be assembled and finished ahead of its debut flight on Parliament Square.

Thank you so much for everything you did to get the extra flag poles and flags put up in Parliament Square. I thought they looked very effective! Jo Daykin, Media and Events Consultant

The images below display the steps involved in transforming from a sketch into a printed and sewn finished flag. The example we’ve chosen is the entry from Abercromby Primary School of Clackmannanshire. The trickiest thing for our designers is to ensure that the finished piece will look fantastic but still truly reflect the original drawing. In this example you can see things have been altered to be more symmetrical, as is generally common in flags. However, the finer detail are totally true to the original sketch such as the castles door and windows. We would like to send our congratulations to the winners from Abercromby Primary School. Flagmakers thought this design was excellent and liked the use of colour.

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