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Embroidered Flags – Hand Made and Unique


We derive almost as much pleasure as our usually delighted customers when we produce an Embroidered Flag for them. They are quite beautiful, bespoke pieces of art always painstakingly produced by hand.

We are occasionally commissioned to produce a hand-embroidered flag. These stunning, bespoke works of art are so much more than recreations of existing designs with each flag also reflecting the combined skill and artistic style of the individual artisan assigned to producing it. The design is a faithful representation of the original and the finished product a stunningly unique interpretation of that design.

Flagmakers typically start by liaising with the customer to get a detailed idea of what is required. At this stage we will aim to establish what the design ideas are, the type of material preferred, the type of finishing required and the overall size.

Once we know what is required, we prepare a quotation; the complexity of the design, size and finishing styles being among the factors impacting the cost. After this, the design begins to come together and is then digitised, which means fully prepared for work to begin. The customer has an opportunity to suggest adjustments before approving the digital proof of the design and before work commences. Then production begins.

The time scale depends on the complexity of the design but we give an expected delivery date at the proofing stage.

We welcome new designs and enjoy recreating traditional and historical designs such as those seen here.

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