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Hope For New Flag In Time For Remembrance Day Service At Town Hall

It is hoped that Cleckheaton Town Hall will have a new Union Flag in time for Remembrance Day services.

Campaigners have welcomed the news that the Town Hall at Cleckheaton will have a new flag, as the one that is in situ at the moment is too small and tatty to be considered as fitting to be an honourable memorial for the service-men and women that will be remembered in the Remembrance Day services.

Kirklees council have been petitioned for months to have a new flag. Peter Makin, of Oakenshaw is thrilled that action is being taken to provide a new flag.

“When you see these young lads fighting for us, the least we can do is fly a decent size flag which shows our respect for them, and those who have gone before them,” he said.

The building’s facilities manager, David Roche, said that in order to check the flagpole could accommodate the new full size flag, an inspection would have to be carried out to make sure the flagpole is fit for purpose.

“We have to be mindful of prevailing weather conditions, we don’t want a gust of wind catching the big flag and pulling down the pole. That is why the small flags are also called storm flags” he explained. “A contractor is inspecting it this week and if everything is okay there is no reason why the full size flag should not be in place for November 1, for the month of remembrance.”

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