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New Nottinghamshire flag to be created

Nottinghamshire’s Current Flag

Work has begun by a team of designers to create a new flag for the county of Nottinghamshire.

A deadline of the end of the year has been proposed to create three proposed designs for the county. The group of designers and art experts include Michael Faul of the prominent Flag Institute, as well as Alex Farquharson, director of the city art centre Nottingham Contemporary.

Once the proposed designs have been created, they will be available for public view in order to gain opinions and – eventually – the approval of the Nottinghamshire people.

The suggestion of creating a new flag was originally aired on BBC Radio Nottingham by two listeners, Jane Bealby and Mike Gaunt. The presenter of the show, Andy Whittaker, mentioned it during his breakfast show and was soon inundated with design ideas and suggestions from listeners who seemed in favour of the idea.

Other members of the design team include the original callers Jane Bealby and Mike Gaunt, as well as a local card designer Rachel Church, the chairman of the local National Ice Centre Mich Stevenson, and two graphic designers, Jason Holroyd and Simon Dunn.

Thanks to the suggestions already sent in by listeners, Simon Dunn has said that there already exists a large selection of ideas on which to base the new designs. He was quoted as saying:

“I’ve been really impressed with the designs submitted to BBC Radio Nottingham, you can see the good ideas coming through. We need a new symbol. We’ve had the drunken N for a while. It’s time to update it.”

What do you think? Does the flag need a change? Are you happy with the proposed change to the flag?

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