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Second Attempt To Get Flagpole For Sussex Pub In Readiness For Jubilee

Sussex Pub FlagpoleAfter being turned down at the first attempt of requesting permission to fly a flag outside their local pub, villagers in Sussex are submitting another application in the hope they will be able to soon be able to fly a Union Jack flag outside the pub.

Regardless of having the support of local residents, the parish council, English Heritage and Maresfield Conservation Society, both the planning inspectorate and local authority decided not to allow a flagpole to be installed at the Chequers Inn in Maresfield.

The planning inspectorate agreed with Wealden District Council who said that a flagpole would not be suitable for the area and that it would also be too big. Not to be deterred, a new application has been lodged with a hope that the village will have a flag flying in time for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Speaking to the Sussex Courier, district councillor Ken Ogden said, “The difference is this time, rather than just asking for a flagpole to be put there, we are saying it is for a reason – to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

Many of the villagers are hopeful that they will soon see a flag flying at the pub which is considered the heart of the village, said village postmistress Jackie Bougon.

“It seems a bit strange the last application was turned down,” she said. “I think people would like to see a flag flying again.”

It is expected that Wealden Council will make a decision about the flagpole in March.

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