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Town Councillors Campaign For Flagpoles

Town councillors from Bideford, North Devon, are in disagreement with their Devon County Council colleagues who claimed that three flagpoles requested by the town councillors for Bideford town square were nothing more than “clutter.”

In a recent article, the North Devon Gazette said that the town council was notified by the county council that the permanent flag constructions would not be allowed to go ahead. It was considered that the 30-foot-high flagpoles were too large for the area, and that they would “clutter” the area.

The town councillors are at odds with the county councillors and said that blocking the plans for the flagpoles was not logical, and did not serve any purpose. Councillor Roger Vanstone said, “Unless they have got a real objection on some technicality, we want our flags.”

The installation of the flagpoles in the town centre is part of the regeneration works that are being carried out in February and March, which includes laying cobblestones in Jubilee Square.

At a meeting of the town council, the decision was taken to continue to compel the county council to allow the flagpoles to be installed. The town council expect to be in a position to provide an update regarding the flagpoles at the next monthly meeting.

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