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Royal Logistics Corps Convention

We were very pleased indeed to have been invited to the Royal Logistics Corps convention at Grantham. It was the first time for Flagmakers exhibiting at such event which meant that the whole team were excited and worked very hard to produce the highest quality exhibition stand. The Flagmakers exhibition stand showcased embroidered, printed and woven flags, and ceremonial poles.

The Royal Logistics Corps provides support functions to the British Army and is the largest Corps of the army. We currently provide flags to one regiment who created this event and invited us to exhibit. These conventions happens only once a year where representatives from different regiments meet and discuss the latest topics that matter to their party. Therefore, this convention was an excellent opportunity for Flagmakers to increase its brand awareness to the other regiments.

Furthermore, the event was very lively as it had a live band in the mess room, where attendees could meet and chat with a pint of beer over fish and chips. Moreover, the exhibition was a great opportunity for Flagmakers to speak with the representatives from different regiments throughout the UK and we look forward to the next convention.

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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